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Study Finds Tennessee Drivers Are The 2nd Worst Drivers In The United States

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Our Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Explain Why Our State Ranks Poorly for Drivers

In a recent study, Smart Asset used data comprised of four different metrics to determine which states have the best and worst drivers. According to the data, Tennessee ranks second for having the worst drivers in the United States. Due to the high volume of wrecks in our state, injuries occur more often than most people realize.

At Mitch Grissim & Associates, our experienced Nashville car accident lawyers are dedicated to serving our community and providing legal guidance to innocent victims and their loved ones. Traffic laws are in place to help protect motorists and passengers on the roadways. However, we understand that these laws are often neglected, resulting in serious damage. If you or a loved one experienced injuries in a car wreck that was another driver’s wrongdoing, you may have legal options.

Four Factors Analyzed in Recent Study

Number 4 Stock PhotoThe study conducted by Smart Asset used four different metrics to rank the drivers in each state from best to worst. These metrics included the number of drivers with automobile insurance, DUI’s per driver, the number of deaths per mile driven, and lastly the number of times words such as ‘traffic ticket’ or ‘speeding ticket’ were Googled. According to the study, “Tennessee ranks in the top 20 in every metric.”

Continue reading to learn more about the four metrics and the statistics around why Tennessee ranked second for the worst drivers in the United States.

1. Drivers With Car Insurance

Automobile insurance is vitally important and can help cover expenses in the event of an accident. In the state of Tennessee, drivers are required to carry liability insurance. However, the study revealed that only 80 percent of drivers were insured. This means that 20 percent of Tennessee drivers did not have any form of car insurance.

2. DUI Arrests

Driving under the influence is extremely dangerous. Alcohol causes slower reaction time and reduces concentration skills as well as one’s ability to make safe judgments on the roads. There were 4.45 DUI arrests per every 1,000 drivers, according to the Smart Asset study.

3. The Number of Deaths

While every motor vehicle accident doesn’t result in death, some wrecks are so severe that those involved are killed. The fatality rate per 100 million miles traveled was 1.35. Tennessee was not far behind Mississippi, which ranked number one and had a fatality rate of 1.69.

4. Frequency of Specific Terms Searched on Google

Google allows users to search for a wide range of topics. The study provided information pertaining to Google trends on driving tickets in each state. Based on the data collected, the words ‘speeding ticket’ and ‘traffic ticket’ had an index of 97.78.

These four metrics combined not only demonstrated which states have the best and worst drivers but proved how often accidents happen across the United States. While there are traffic laws established in every state, many motorists fail to use safe driving practices to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads.

Safe Driving Practices May Reduce Accidents

Even though Tennessee ranks second for the worst drivers in the U.S., there are ways that individuals can help reduce the number of wrecks on our streets. By implementing the following safe driving habits, residents may lower their chances of being involved in an accident:

Don’t Drive Distracted

It’s essential to pay close attention whenever you’re behind the wheel of your motor vehicle. This means avoiding texting and driving, eating, adjusting the radio, and any other distractions.

Never Drink and Drive

Alcohol affects an individual’s ability to make safe decisions on the road, so it’s essential to always drive sober.

Obey All Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are intended to protect not only the driver but everyone around them, as well. Abiding by laws such as yielding the right-of-way, using turn signals, and making complete stops plays an important role in ensuring the safety of our roads.

Using safe driving practices at all times may help you avoid a collision and protect others on the roads. While our team of Nashville car accident lawyers can’t stress the importance of safety enough, we know that automobile accidents can still occur. If you’re injured in an accident due to someone else’s failure to follow the rules of the road, contacting an attorney will be in your best interest.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

The moments after being involved in a vehicle accident that was not your fault can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming to handle alone. Insurance companies often take advantage of injured victims by offering settlements that are lower than what is rightfully owed. This is why hiring an attorney can be extremely beneficial.

Our team at Mitch Grissim & Associates can review the various details of your case and inform you of your legal options. If you’re eligible to obtain compensation for your injuries and property damage, we will fight for a fair settlement amount on your behalf.

Compensation can help cover medical care, lost wages, property damage, and other costs related to your accident. In order to effectively calculate the amount of damages you’re owed, our team must first evaluate your case.

You Have Legal Rights

Your Rights Sign Stock PhotoA personal injury law firm in Nashville, Tennessee, Mitch Grissim & Associates, is aware of how dangerous Tennessee roadways can be for both drivers and passengers. We hope that by raising awareness about the importance of road safety, we can help alleviate the number of collisions that happen on our roads every day.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to the reckless behavior of another motorist, we can help. While compensation cannot erase the pain you have suffered, it can help you start to move forward after such a traumatic experience.

Call our law office at 615-255-9999, or fill out our free case review form to learn more about your legal options. It’s important to contact our firm as soon as possible after your accident because these types of cases are time sensitive. We look forward to speaking with you about your claim.

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