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Nashville Rollover Accident Lawyer

If You Were in a Rollover Accident, Find an Attorney You Can Trust

A car accident can cause disabling injuries – but rollover accidents can be particularly serious. The upper body is slammed into the ground by the momentum of the rolling vehicle and then tossed around inside the vehicle in several different directions as each part of the vehicle impacts the ground…causing injuries to any and often multiple body parts. Sadly, the result is often fatal.

Nashville rollover accident lawyer Mitch Grissim has handled rollover accidents in Nashville, Tennessee for 39 years. He has helped thousands of clients recover the compensation they need.

He can help you, too. Supported by a skilled, experienced and friendly team, Mitch recovers millions of dollars in settlements every year. Our law firm is well-equipped to handle even the most serious cases, involving injuries like:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injuries
  • Back and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Amputations & Loss of Limb

What To Do After a Rollover Accident

First, see a doctor right away. If you were not taken by ambulance to the emergency room, it’s possible that you might be in shock and not realize the significance of your injuries. You may have internal injuries that take days to become symptomatic. In addition, the longer you wait, the more likely the insurance company will try to lower the value of or deny your claim by saying your injuries weren’t caused in the crash.

Second, don’t say anything to your insurance adjuster! It’s sad but true – insurance adjusters often reach the scene of an accident even before the ambulance. Their only goal is to lower the value of your claim or deny it altogether. Sometimes an insurance adjuster will call you at home a few days after the accident to “take your statement.” Usually, they will want to record it. Do not agree to give a statement until you have talked to a rollover accident lawyer. To protect yourself, learn more about insurance adjusters’ tactics.

Contact An Experienced Nashville Rollover Accident Lawyer

Mitch oversees each case we handle and is readily available to discuss its progress. Almost any working day, you can find him in his downtown Nashville office. Our doors are always open and we’re happy to accommodate you. If you call with a question, you can expect an answer usually by the end of the day.

To schedule a free consultation, call today at 615-255-9999. You can also contact us online, and we’ll get back to you with an e-mail as soon as possible.

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