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Why It’s So Important To Take Notes After A Car Accident

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Car accidents are among the most dangerous and costly personal injury accidents out there, and trying to recover damages from other drivers can prove very difficult if you do not have clear evidence on your side. In these situations, it would have helped to take notes following the crash. Taking notes are instrumental in settling a personal injury car accident case.

Without the help of a professional car accident lawyer, however, your notes might not be used correctly. Fortunately, the legal team at Mitch Grissim & Associates has many years of experience handling car accident cases and know what you should look out for when attempting to prove your case.

Why Should You Take Notes?

When involved in a car accident, you will likely face a number of emotions all of which can easily distract you. It can be very difficult to recall specific details from your car accident later, especially if you are still recovering from an injury. Taking plenty of notes and pictures gives you an additional advantage that can make successfully proving your case that much easier for you and your car accident attorney.

Take Notes About the Accident

As soon as you are able, take as many notes as possible about the accident itself. This includes how it happened, when and where you were at the time of the accident, the weather, the individuals involved, police response, and absolutely any and everything else you can remember. If you heard anything or anyone during the accident, such as a witness or the other driver, make note of that, too.

Detail All of Your Injuries

Not all car accident injuries show up right away, and as you start to notice pains and discomfort, you will want to detail all of it in your notes. These injuries will likely be the major determining factors in your case, so be as specific as possible. Remember that these injury notes can help you describe the car accident and resulting injuries to your doctors and insurance adjusters.

Estimate Your Financial Losses

Car accidents tend to be very expensive. Following a wreck, your personal injury lawyer will help you calculate all of your financial losses and expected expenses. To make this process easier, keep track of your receipts! This includes repair bills to your vehicle, medical bills and other hospital expenses, and potentially lost wages, etc. The final amounts you come up with will likely form the basis of your lawsuit, so save everything!

Learn More from a Car Accident Lawyer

Once you have compiled all of these notes, share them with your car accident lawyer to see what they have to say. At this point, you may elect to move forward with your claim or hold off. In either case, only by discussing the particulars with a lawyer can you be sure.

For more information on what a personal injury attorney can do for you in a car accident, feel free to contact  Mitch Grissim & Associates. Our lawyers have handled all sorts of car accident cases, and we can easily do the same for you.

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