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Are You Hurt? Most Common Car Accident Injuries

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Now that the worst part is over, it’s time to assess the damage. How are you feeling? Are you hurt? There are a lot of things that need to be checked and covered directly after an accident, but even with the most thorough investigation, you can’t always tell if you’re injured or not.

Some injuries don’t show up until days, weeks, and sometimes even years after the accident. If you are currently dealing with a car accident related injury and are in need of legal counsel, contact a Nashville car accident lawyer, Mitch Grissim and Associates, today.

What Are the Most Common Injuries?

There are a lot of injuries that could occur during your car accident, but we narrowed it down to the more common car accident injuries. There are spine injuries, concussions, chest injuries, soft tissue injuries, cuts, and of course broken bones.

Head Injuries

If you were to hit your head on something like the steering wheel or even the windshield there would be trauma to your head. When the car is involved in a collision, force is applied to places that your body wasn’t prepared for and it could send your body in a number of directions. So, if you were hit from a car in your rear, or either sides you could be subject to hit the window, or even the windshield.


The signs for a concussion are very difficult to pinpoint, and they can often show up long after the car accident. Your brain is protected by your skull, but sometimes the impact to your body can be so great that it actually causes your brain to rattle around a bit in your skull and even graze the walls of your skull. Concussions, if left unchecked, can sometimes develop into other serious injuries.


Cuts can range from mild to severe, but should still always be treated seriously. Make sure to let a doctor look over any injuries sustained in your car accident, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time.

For larger cuts, it’s best to apply pressure to the wound to prevent further blood loss until a licensed medical professional can get to you.

Broken Bones

Broken bones will occur when excessive amounts of force are met with any of your bones, and cause them to crack, fracture, and/or break. Those breaks can be extremely painful. Treat every injury as if it’s severe until you can be looked over by a licensed medical professional. Jostling any bone fractures could worsen your injury.

Nashville Car Accident Lawyer, Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries are serious and should be dealt with as such. Whether your injuries seem minor or severe, seek legal counsel to get the compensation you need. Contact a Nashville car accident attorney, Mitch Grissim & Associates, to set up an appointment today.

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