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Failure to Yield Causes Fatal Motorcycle Accident


Earlier this year, a truck driver was cited for a failure to yield that led to the death of a motorcyclist in northern Nashville. Tracy Humphreys, 57, was driving a pickup truck when he pulled out of a parking lot and onto Buchanan Street when he struck a motorcycle traveling down the road. The victim on the motorcycle was identified as Christopher Crowder, 34, who was transported from the scene of the accident to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he was later declared dead. The accident happened midday close to the intersection of Buchanan Street and 16th Avenue North. Humphreys was given a misdemeanor citation of failure to yield for causing the accident, and ultimately, Crowder’s death.

Failure to yield to motorcycles on the road is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee. Have you or a loved one been injured in a motorcycle accident? If so, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates may be able to help. Call or contact our office today to schedule an evaluation of your case.

Failure to Yield Accidents

Failure to yield accidents involving motorcycles can occur in a couple of different ways on the road. One of the most common ways is what occurred in the fatal Nashville accident, where a car or truck fails to yield the right of way to a motorcycle traveling on the road where the larger vehicle is entering the roadway from a parking lot or driveway. In many of these cases, the driver of the larger vehicle does not check or does not see the motorcycle coming before pulling onto the road and causing an accident.

Another common scenario in failure to yield accidents where motorcyclists are the victims happens at intersections. This can occur when a car or truck is making either a left-hand or a right-hand turn. Right-hand failure to yield turns are less common but do still happen. This type of accident occurs when a vehicle makes a right-hand turn before checking for traffic traveling in the direction of the turn. Failure to yield to motorcycles can lead to either a broadside or a rear end accident. Failure to yield to a motorcycle while making a left-hand turn is more common and often more catastrophic crash. A larger vehicle that fails to yield while making a left-hand turn at an intersection runs the risk of striking a motorcycle coming from all directions. Because a car making a left-hand turn is supposed to yield to other traffic, motorcycles are often traveling at full speed and have little opportunity to mitigate the impact of the crash with the larger vehicle.

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Failure to yield accidents involving motorcycles are sadly avoidable in most cases, and the victims of these accidents deserve to be compensated for their injuries. If you know someone who has been injured, contact the Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates today to schedule a free consultation.

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