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3 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

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It’s often thought that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in accidents, but this is actually a misconception. However, it is, unfortunately, true that motorcycle accidents are much more likely to be severe or fatal. An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer can help you recover after such an accident, but it’s important to understand the causes of motorcycle accidents in order to prevent them.

The Dangers of Other Vehicles

Collisions with other types of vehicles account for over half of all deaths from motorcycle accidents. Of these, head on collisions are the most likely to occur. These accidents most commonly happen when a car is making a left turn. Motorcyclists are at a disadvantage when surrounded by other types of vehicles because the drivers of those vehicles don’t usually anticipate the smaller size and maneuverability of motorcycles. Even with safety gear, motorcyclists don’t have nearly the protection that drivers of other types of vehicles have, making common accidents much more dangerous. Left-hand turns are quite often the cause of two car collisions as well, but are not nearly as deadly in these cases for this reason.

Motorcyclist Behavior

Youth, driving under the influence and high-performance vehicles are all factors that increase the likelihood of accidents resulting from high-risk and thrill-seeking behavior. This is truer for motorcyclists. Risky behavior like speeding or illegal lane splitting becomes much more pronounced in motorcyclists when coupled with substance abuse. Young motorcyclists with high-performance motorcycles are the most at-risk group for fatal accidents caused by unsafe behaviors. While alcohol and speeding are often the cause of car accidents as well, the difference between the safety behind a wheel as opposed to on a motorcycle means that there is a much higher cost for making the same mistake. Not only that, but liability may fall on the motorcyclist in cases where an accident was caused by illegal behavior on their part, which may result in reduced or zero compensation.

Road Hazards

Even with other vehicles out of the way and a sober, safe motorcyclist, common road hazards still pose a greater danger to motorcyclists due to the way motorcycles are built. Slick roads, potholes, debris and a host of other dangers may result in a fatal accident all on their own. Collisions with stationary objects are notably more dangerous for motorcyclists as well. This means that motorcyclists should take extra caution during storms, after heavy winds and at night in order to avoid small dangers.

Legal Help

Determining fault for a motorcycle accident is tricky, which is why Mitch Grissim & Associates is here to help Nashville area motorcyclists find the motorcycle injury lawyer they deserve. Laws regulating lane splitting are just some of the laws that specifically apply to motorcyclists, and it’s important to speak to someone who understands liability in these special cases. For more information, call 615-645-3372.

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