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3 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

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It’s often thought that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in accidents, but this is a misconception. It is true, however, that motorcycle accidents are much more likely to be severe or fatal. Motorcycle riders are much more exposed on a bike and therefore vulnerable to serious injuries after an accident.

Assumptions about motorcyclists can cause others to blame them for causing an accident, but they are often untrue. Some of these myths include the fact that bikers are reckless, less careful than most drivers, and do not follow the rules of the road. These perceptions could be the result of cultural media and the portrayal of bikers in film and television.

However, motorcyclists often have to be MORE careful than most motorists because of the vulnerability of a motorcycle. If collisions do occur, injuries are far more likely and usually more severe.

After being involved in a collision that results in injury, damage to your bike, and emotional distress, you may be overwhelmed by the situation and unsure how to proceed.

An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer can help you recover after such an accident by helping you file a claim to pursue damages. However, it’s important to understand the causes of motorcycle accidents to prevent them in the first place.

The Dangers of Other Vehicles

Collisions with other types of vehicles account for over half of all deaths from motorcycle accidents.

Of these, head-on collisions are the most likely to result in fatal crashes. These motorcycle accidents most commonly happen when a car is making a left-hand turn and the driver does not see oncoming traffic. A left turn is quite often the cause of two-car collisions as well but is not nearly as deadly in these cases due to the protection of a car’s structure.

Motorcycle collisions also occur frequently when another vehicle is entering a roadway from a parking lot or driveway. Though they may look both ways before pulling out, it is harder to notice a motorcycle rider than other cars.

Motorcyclists are at a disadvantage when surrounded by other types of vehicles because the drivers of those vehicles don’t usually anticipate the smaller size and maneuverability of motorcycles. It makes them harder to see, especially when they are in a blind spot.

Even with safety gear, motorcyclists don’t have the level of protection that drivers of other types of vehicles have, making common accidents much more dangerous.

Motorcyclist Behavior

Youth, driving under the influence, and high-performance vehicles are all factors that increase the likelihood of accidents resulting from high-risk and thrill-seeking behavior. This is truer for motorcyclists.

Risky behavior like speeding or illegal lane-splitting becomes much more pronounced in motorcyclists when coupled with substance abuse. Young motorcyclists with high-performance motorcycles are the most at-risk group for fatal accidents caused by unsafe behaviors.

While alcohol and speeding are often the cause of car accidents as well, the difference between the safety behind a wheel as opposed to on a motorcycle means that there is a much higher cost for making the same mistake.

It is also dangerous to ignore certain safety measures while riding a motorcycle. Not paying attention, failing to use the motorcycle lane, exceeding the speed limit, riding in the wrong lane, changing lanes too quickly, and choosing to not wear safety gear can all lead to personal injury in a motorcycle accident. If you are lane splitting, you run the risk of car doors opening and causing an immediate collision.

Not only that, but liability may fall on the motorcyclist in cases where an accident was caused by illegal behavior on their part, which may result in reduced or zero compensation.

Road Hazards

Even with other vehicles out of the way and a sober, safe motorcyclist, common road hazards still pose a greater danger of causing motorcycle crashes due to the way motorcycles are built.

Losing control due to slippery surfaces, potholes, debris, and a host of other dangerous road conditions may result in a fatal accident all on their own. Some of these hazards could be a result of the roads not being properly maintained by the state.

Collisions with stationary or fixed objects are notably more dangerous for motorcyclists as well. This means that motorcyclists should take extra caution during storms, after heavy winds, and at night to avoid fixed objects and not lose control of the bike.

Fatal motorcycle accidents are all too common in Tennessee. Motorcycle riders are operating at a higher risk of bodily harm than any other vehicle while on the roads, and accidents will occur with other car drivers.

When you have been injured in a motorcycle crash that was not your fault, you should seek legal assistance when you file a claim following the car accident.

Legal Help After an Accident

A personal injury lawsuit is a process where an injured defendant attempts to win fair compensation to cover damages accrued in the incident. Many important aspects will determine the outcome of this kind of case.

Determining Fault in Motorcycle Crashes

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents can range from other drivers being negligent to risky behaviors by the motorcyclist. When a passenger car or other motor vehicle causes a motorcycle crash that leads to injury, proving that the collision was the fault of the other driver becomes critical to your case.

Was the driver traveling at an excessive speed? Were they taking up two lanes on a highway? What was their blood alcohol level at the time of the incident? Did they make unsafe moves or sudden stops?

All of these questions become important in a personal injury lawsuit involving a motorcycle crash. Distracted driving, inexperienced drivers, and other circumstances can also be potential hazards that point to the fault of the car driver or another party.

Assessing Damages

Another key aspect of a motorcycle accident case is the value of damages. You have the right to pursue a fair settlement offer to make up for losses resulting from the motorcycle accident.

These damages can include current and future medical bills from catastrophic injuries, lost wages, property damage to your vehicle, or even pain and suffering after the fact.

A well-established law firm can help you assess the value of the damages to win the compensation you deserve, lightening the financial burden of the motorcycle accident.

Our team at the Mitch Grissim & Associates law firm offers a free consultation to discuss your case and answer questions beforehand to figure out the strength of your case and how to move forward to pursue damages.

Holding Drivers Accountable After a Motorcycle Accident

Many of the mistakes that can lead to motorcycle accidents are easily corrected.

Head-on collisions with oncoming traffic usually happen due to a lack of attention from passenger vehicles when making a left turn, but they have serious consequences for motorcycles.

Rear-end accidents can occur when passenger cars follow motorcycles too closely. If other drivers are not leaving the same amount of space as they normally do for other motorists, then their reaction time may not be enough to avoid hitting the rider.

There are also instances of hit-and-run accidents where the responsible parties leave the scene after motorcycle crashes occur. This is an especially heinous crime because if the rider has experienced life-threatening injuries, they may not be able to contact emergency services to get medical treatment.

These behaviors should not be left unchanged, and to make Tennessee a safer state for every motorcyclist, our law firm will work to hold many motorists accountable when they cause a motorcycle accident.

Protecting the Rights of Motorcycle Riders

Most people are unfamiliar with the exact legal process of filing a claim to pursue damages after an accident. Our law firm can bridge the gap of knowledge for you.

When motorcycle crashes occur, riders may be injured, scared, frustrated, and confused. They want to pursue justice and are hurting financially, but they are not sure how to proceed. Our lawyers will work with you to inform you of your rights under Tennessee law and guide you through the steps to file your claim successfully.

The attorney-client relationship is very important to us, and our top priority is to care for your needs during this difficult time. From a head-on collision to left-turn accidents and the other most common causes of collisions with motorcycles, we have your back.

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Determining fault, assessing damages, and protecting the rights of a motorcyclist after a motorcycle accident is tricky, which is why Mitch Grissim & Associates is here to help Nashville area bikers find the motorcycle injury lawyer they deserve.

Laws regulating lane splitting are just some of the laws that specifically apply to motorcyclists, and it’s important to speak to someone who understands liability in these special cases.

Failed left-hand turns, distracted driving, and road hazards can all be a cause of motorcycle accidents, but when the fault for the accident lies with someone else, you should not stand alone.

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