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Seeking an ATV Accident Lawyer? Here are a Few Important Things to Know

atv accident lawyer

ATVs are great recreational vehicles that allow you to get outside, enjoy the great outdoors, explore your world and have a little off-road fun all at the same time. However, serious injuries can result from even mild accidents; ATV accident injuries can run the gamut from cuts and scrapes to various life-threatening injuries.

Just like a car accident, off-road vehicle accidents and recreational vehicle accidents usually result in serious injuries. The only problem is that a majority of ATVs and other off-road vehicles aren’t regulated by the same safety standards as regular passenger vehicles. And this can result in serious injury and death. 

The majority of ATV crashes occur on rough terrain. However, some have involved collisions with a motor vehicle as well. But no matter how the accident happened, you should ensure that your case is thoroughly documented just like in the case of a regular car accident.

Once you have your documentation, your next step is to seek the assistance of our personal injury law firm. We’ll be able to assist you with your claim. 

Here, we’ll discuss what to do in the event of an ATV accident.

Seeking Compensation for an ATV Accident 

You may be wondering, does insurance cover these kinds of accidents? And the answer is yes. This is where ATV accident attorneys will be able to assist you, though you may have to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Victims of these kinds of accidents are often subjected to significant bodily injury. And no matter the causes of ATV accidents, the majority of ATV injuries often include the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Facial injuries 
  • Neck injuries 
  • Severe Lacerations 
  • Paralysis 

If you’re injured in an ATV accident, as the injured party, you’re going to have your fair share of medical bills and other medical expenses. But you’re also entitled to full and fair compensation either by your own insurance company or from the at-fault party. 

When looking to file for compensation for this kind of accident, you should seek legal advice from experienced attorneys who know how to handle an ATV accident lawsuit. 

The Legal Process After an ATV Accident

Insurance companies are known for dropping the ball, or for stonewalling accident victims. And after a traumatic accident, the last thing you want is to be stuck having to pay for medical bills, especially if you’ve lost wages due to a traumatic brain injury or something worse.

Personal injury attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies and are familiar with the particulars of a negligence lawsuit if your ATV accident was the result of negligent actions on the part of a property owner. 

Accidents happen. But after you’ve received a thorough medical examination and you have documentation of your case, you should seek a free initial consultation from a personal injury lawyer, such as the legal team at Mitch Grissim & Associates. 

After your free case review, your personal injury attorney will go to work for you just as if you’re the victim of any major road accident. In fact, ATV accident cases are not uncommon, especially where negligence is involved. 

You should also note that your attorney-client relationship will stipulate that no confidential information will be made public without your consent. So you can feel free to tell your law firm or your personal injury lawyer anything that you feel will be helpful to your case.

The Dangers of an Off-Road Recreational Vehicle 

ATV riders and ATV owners should know upfront the dangers that riding an ATV can present. And as most ATV activity is performed off-road on rugged terrain, the risk of injury with an all-terrain vehicle is much greater than with a regular passenger vehicle.

Severe injuries and emergency room visits are often part of having dirt bikes or of ATV ownership. And though common injuries can include minor cuts, bruises, or scrapes, other injuries caused can be fatal.

ATV injury often results from driving at an unsafe speed. But sometimes injuries can occur due to negligence on the part of the landowner where the ATV rider was driving. And if this is the case, homeowner’s insurance should cover damages and expenses. 

For example, if you’re riding on private property with permission from the landowner, he or she is then liable for your injuries if negligence can be proven. As such, if you ran into a mangled barbed-wire fence on your ATV, the property owner was probably aware of its presence and should have had it fixed, removed, or properly marked.

Further, the above scenario is something that your personal injury attorney should be made aware of during your free consultation so that he or she is better able to file a proper claim. 

What to Know About ATV Accident Lawyers

ATV accident lawyers are well-versed in the knowledge of the types of accidents that commonly occur, and how to properly file a claim in a timely manner. In fact, ATV accident attorneys are also well aware of the serious injuries that can occur during an ATV crash.

Whether or not you have your own insurance coverage, you still may be eligible for compensation if negligence can be proved. We know how to investigate your claim and prove negligence if sufficient evidence is found.

As an ATV owner, it’s important that you know your rights when you’re involved in an ATV accident of any kind, and contacting law firms with personal injury experience is your best strategy to understand your rights when injured in an ATV crash.

Staying Safe

In the future, once you’ve recovered from your injuries. It’s important that you understand the proper safety requirements when operating an ATV on any type of terrain. And this can include wearing helmets, padding, and practicing situational awareness when you’re riding your ATV.

Further, playing it safe means that you can play more in the future, and enjoy your ATV riding experience for years to come without fear of injury. But when you do get injured, seeking the help of ATV accident lawyers is going to be your best strategy. Contact Mitch Grissim & Associates for your free consultation at 615.255.9999.

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