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Do All Personal Injury Lawsuits Go To Court?

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For anyone filing a personal injury lawsuit, one of the primary concerns is whether their case will ever see the inside of a courtroom. While going to court can certainly be daunting, it can also be extremely beneficial, particularly when it comes to winning your needed compensation after a major injury. However, contrary to what you might believe, there are several factors that can determine the court prospects of your suit, meaning you need to get more information.

Learn if your injury lawsuit will go to court, and find out how you and your attorney can plan for the possibility of trying your case in a courtroom.

The Benefits of Taking an Injury Lawsuit to Court

Although many people considering a personal injury lawsuit want to avoid taking it to court, there are often some distinct advantages of this path.

First, when you try your personal injury suit in a courtroom setting, there is always the possibility that your compensation will end up being much higher than what you might get by settling out of court. Secondly, if the other party in your case is clearly liable but is delaying offering you a settlement, taking your case to court may be the only way to progress your lawsuit and receive your compensation.

As you can see, there are certain situations where going to court is your only option, if not your best solution.

What’s Your Bottom Line?

Possibly the biggest factor in determining if your personal injury lawsuit will go to court is what your monetary goal is in filing your suit. For example, are you willing to take a settlement, or are you seeking to get the highest level of compensation possible? If you would prefer a settlement and keep your case out of court, then you need to be aware of the outset on what is the lowest level of settlement that you will accept and then be sure not to waver from that number.

When planning your lawsuit, you and your personal injury attorney should have a discussion about potential settlement amounts and what you’d be willing to accept to keep your case out of court.

Avoid Obstacles to a Court Case

The majority of personal injury lawsuits will never see the inside of a courtroom, and there are several reasons for this that you need to be aware of.

The primary reason that people try to avoid taking their case to court is that there is always the chance of losing, even if your case is strong. Additionally, when you take your case to court there can be several delays for receiving your compensation, including the possibility that your initial winning verdict will be appealed, which can add months to your personal injury lawsuit. Finally, court costs can be very expensive, causing many people to avoid this route.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re preparing to file a personal injury lawsuit and are concerned about the potential of your case entering a courtroom, then it’s a good idea to seek guidance from an attorney at Mitch Grissim & Associates. Our experienced legal team can determine the facts of your case and tell you the possibility and potential benefits of going all the way to court. Ask us about our legal services and how we can help with your injury lawsuit.

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