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Nashville Spine & Back Injury Lawyer

Attorneys face a serious challenge in handling spinal cord or back injuries. The challenge of determining the full extent of the injuries is difficult as all symptoms may not be apparent immediately following the injury. It takes time for sprained or strained “soft tissue” injuries to heal and additional symptoms to manifest. In order to determine what symptoms are permanent, the initial healing must occur. These types of injuries take time and usually several visits with the doctor to diagnose them all. The more serious the injury, the longer the healing time.

In essence, it may take a long time and a lot of patience to bring a spinal cord or back injury case to a fair resolution for our client. Mitch has the experience and is a spinal cord and back injury lawyer that will not rush you into settlement – because it is YOUR future at stake.

Nashville spine & back injury lawyer Mitch Grissim has handled personal injury claims for 39 years. He is a Nashville native, a Certified Specialist in Civil Trial Advocacy, and he has helped thousands of clients recover compensation for life-changing injuries.

Back injuries carry the risk of damaging the spinal cord. The worst cases result in quadriplegia and paraplegia. Even a herniated disc could lead to an impinged nerve causing long-term pain and impairment. At Mitch Grissim & Associates, we can help you put your life back together.

How We Build Your Case and Tell Your Story

Working with experts – doctors, economists, therapists and others – we can show the jury the nature of your injury and the financial settlement necessary for you to live in relative comfort. We’ll work closely with you and learn your story to show how your life has been affected.

In addition, we also call our clients’ friends and family to the stand. We believe that the people closest to you can best show how the injury has changed your life. Maybe you used to go hunting with your neighbor, or jogging with a co-worker. By letting those people tell your story, we can show the jury your injury’s true effects.

Contact An Experienced Nashville Spine & Back Injury Lawyer Today

Mitch oversees all of the cases we handle and makes himself readily available to discuss the progress of your case. He can be found in his downtown office almost every day, and our door is always open. Call with a question, and you can expect a reply usually by the end of the working day.

To schedule a free consultation with a Nashville spine & back injury lawyer, call today at 615-255-9999. You can also contact us online, and we’ll get back to you with an e-mail as soon as possible.

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