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Tips For Minimizing The Chances Of A Motorcycle Accident


With the weather getting warmer, more and more people are getting out on the road in the Nashville area on motorcycles. Motorcyclists have just as much right to the road as other motorists, yet they are often involved in accidents due to the negligence of other drivers on the road. At Mitch Grissim & Associates, we care about the health and safety of Tennessee motorcyclists and have provided the following tips to help reduce the chances of being involved in a serious motorcycle crash. If you or someone you know has been injured on a motorcycle, call or contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

How to Minimize Motorcycle Accidents

While the onus is on other drivers to be aware of who they share the road with, motorcyclists can also engage in proactive behaviors to help minimize the chances of being involved in a crash. Some of the most common ways to do this include the following:

Wear Protective Gear

The first tip to minimize motorcycle accidents is to wear protective gear. This includes long pants and sleeves made from leather or another protective material in addition to gloves, eye protection, and boots. Motorcyclists should also wear a full face helmet at all times, preferably one that is light colored and easy for other drivers to see.

Be as Visible as Possible

Another tip is to try and be as visible as possible while on the road. This includes wearing bright colored, easily visible clothing in addition to positioning the motorcycle on the road where it can be most easily seen by other motorists. Riders should also use a headlight during the day and night to increase visibility and not be afraid to use the horn if another vehicle gets too close.

Be Alert

Motorcyclists should also be as alert as possible to the actions of other motorists as possible while on the road. Texting and driving is still a major issue for drivers in cars and trucks, and those that engage in that behavior are far less likely to see motorcycles on the road around them. This also includes being aware of other surroundings that could contribute to accidents, such as roadway hazards, other accidents, railroad tracks, and more.

Be Cautious at Intersections

Finally, be extra cautious when approaching and going through intersections. Half of all motorcycle accidents nationwide happen at intersections, with cars and trucks making left-hand turns in front of, or striking the side of, motorcycles as they pass through. It is important to be acutely aware of the actions of other drivers when approaching an intersection to protect yourself and others riding with you.

Call or Contact Mitch Grissim & Associates Now

Have you or a loved one been involved in a motorcycle accident in the Nashville area? If so, the knowledgeable Nashville personal injury attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates are prepared to zealously advocate for the compensation you deserve after a crash. To learn more about how our firm can help, call the office or contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your case.

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