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What To Expect After A Burn Injury


Burn injuries can be devastating and catastrophic for victims, especially when they are severe. It is important for burn injury victims and their loved ones to know what to expect after this type of serious injury occurs. The Nashville personal injury attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates are here to help after an accident causes serious burns or other injuries and will advocate for the compensation you need to recover. To learn more about the wide range of legal services offered to our clients suffering from burn injuries, call or contact our office today.

Medical Treatment for Burn Injuries

For first and some second degree burns, medical treatment may include icing the area and topical medication to prevent infection. However, serious second degree and third degree burns often require more extensive medical intervention. Skin grafts are often required, which is when medical professionals take unburned skin from another area of the body like the back or thigh and graft it to the burned area. Both the burned areas and graft sites take weeks or more to heal. There is also a higher risk for infection with burn injuries than other types of injuries after an accident, so additional medication, personal protective gear, and other practices may be implemented after a burn to reduce the risk.

Rehabilitation after a Burn Injury

Rehabilitation following a serious burn injury can take many forms, as burns often leave substantial scarring that can affect a victim physically and mentally. Psychiatric or psychological services are often a part of rehabilitation for the victim and their family to help process the trauma and deal with issues of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal ideation, and other issues common after this type of injury.

The physical rehabilitation after a burn injury is dictated by the location and severity of the burns. Physical therapy is meant to improve physical impairments caused by the burn injury, which can include the victim’s ability to walk and move, do daily tasks, and increase range of motion in areas that are scarred. Occupational therapy uses everyday activities to help patients in their recovery, such as performing tasks like dressing, bathing, cooking, and feeding themselves. If the burn injuries affected the throat, speech-language pathology may also be incorporated into physical rehabilitation to help with swallowing, voice, and communication.

What Victims and Families Should Expect

Everyone’s recovery is different after a burn injury, but victims of burns should expect to feel some level of pain, fatigue, and itching while the skin heals. These feelings can be managed by healthcare professionals, and emotional difficulty after a burn injury can be helped by therapists. Loved ones of a burn victim should also take care of themselves, especially while a victim is recovering in the hospital and during rehabilitation. It is important to stay healthy, positive, and supportive of a burn victim during this difficult time.

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