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What Happens After A Road Construction Accident

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The causes of car accidents are almost too many to mention, but the one that many motorists are unprepared for are those caused by poor road construction. An improperly constructed road can be extremely dangerous, resulting in major accidents and serious injuries that deserve compensation. However, cases involving road construction can be more complicated than you might believe, making it important to gather as much information as possible.

With the right preparation, you’ll increase your chances of winning your claim and getting your just compensation. Read about filing a personal injury suit related to road construction accidents and make sure to fight for your compensation with legal help and advice.

Road Construction Accidents and their Causes

There are several ways that a person can be involved in an accident that is caused by bad road construction. Examining the possible causes of your accident is the first, and maybe most important step in winning your case.

For example, the construction company may have left behind uneven or improperly marked pavement. Also, there may not have been the necessary signage to warn you about unsafe road conditions. Finally, if a road was constructed in an inherently unsafe manner, such as with a dangerously sharp turn, this may be grounds for a lawsuit. Once you’ve identified the cause of your accident, you can start planning the type of suit that you will file.

Personal Injury Suits Involving Road Construction

Every personal injury lawsuit depends on proving the fault of the other party and that you were harmed by their actions, and this includes cases involving road construction accidents.

First, you will need to demonstrate that the road construction company had a duty to uphold your safety and that they failed to uphold this duty. You can do this any number of ways, but the most common solution is to show that they did not properly notify you of dangerous road conditions.

Secondly, you must prove that you were harmed by the unsafe road conditions. Primarily, you would try to show that the car accident caused damage to your property, to your health and that your earning potential was harmed due to missed workdays. If you have ample evidence of the harm your accident caused, then you should be able to win your compensation.

How Government Involvement Complicates Matters

Almost every road construction will involve the government at the state or local level, which can greatly complicate your personal injury lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit against the government is extremely difficult and almost never successful without the right legal representation.

If you believe that your personal injury lawsuit will involve the government in some way, it’s a good idea to get advice from an attorney. The right attorney will be able to help you plan your case and will be aware of the special requirements for bringing a suit against the government.

Plan Your Suit with Legal Assistance

For advice on road construction accidents and their resulting personal injury lawsuits, contact the knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates. When you work with the Mitch Grissim legal team following your road construction accident, you’ll be increasing your chances of winning the compensation that you deserve. Speak with one of our representatives today.

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