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Is One Type of Auto Accident More Dangerous than Others?


An accident can happen in a split second on the road in Tennessee, and there are many different types of auto accidents that cause a range of injuries to accident victims. But is there one type of accident that is more dangerous than the others? At Mitch Grissim & Associates, our team of Nashville car accident attorneys is prepared to zealously advocate for your interests after a crash.

Common Types of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can happen anywhere and at any time; however, car crashes typically come in four main types: rollover, head-on, rear-end, and T-bone or side impact accidents. A rollover occurs when the body of the vehicle literally rotates and rolls over on itself in a crash. A head on accident occurs when the front of one vehicle strikes the front of another vehicle. Rear end accidents happen when the front of one vehicle strikes the back of another vehicle, and T-bone or side impact accidents occur when the front or back of one vehicle strikes the side of another.

What Type of Accident is the Most Dangerous?

Determining the most dangerous type of auto accident depends on how you define the term. The deadliest type of car crash is the head-on accident because the impact combines the speed and force of both vehicles, not just one. In 2015, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined that head-on collisions accounted for 54 percent of all traffic fatalities that year. However, the likelihood of a head-on car crash is far less likely than other types of accidents.

When looking at what type of auto accident causes the most injuries, rollover accidents are the most dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 58 percent of all drivers and passengers involved in a rollover car accident suffer either an incapacitating injury (twelve percent) or a debilitating, but slightly less severe, injury (46 percent). In addition, nearly four percent of all victims in a rollover accident are ejected from the vehicle when the crash occurs.

While head-on accidents and rollover accidents are likely to cause serious injury or even death, they are the least likely type of accidents to occur while on the road. When looking at the likelihood of a type of accident, rear-end collisions and side-impact accidents are far more likely to occur and cause injuries to victims involved in the crash. Regardless of the type of auto accident, an experienced car accident attorney should be able to review the details of your case and advise you on what to expect from your claim.

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