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How To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

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As a parent, balancing fun and safety for our kids is a constant challenge. We want them to have a carefree, exciting childhood, yet some days it seems that there are more and more dangers emerging in the world. Halloween, one of the most fun-filled, yet crime-ridden, holidays of the year makes balancing fun and safety especially difficult.

For those of you celebrating your Halloween in Nashville, Tennessee, your nearby Nashville personal injury lawyers at Mitch Grissim & Associates are here to provide advice and representation should things get too scary.

Halloween Candy Safety Tips

Candy is arguably the most exciting part of Halloween for kids, even more so than getting to dress up as a cowgirl or a wizard. Unfortunately, little do they know, it can also be the most hazardous part of the holiday. Threats like contamination, allergies and choking are some of the more common issues to be aware of when it comes to Halloween candy. Always inspect your children’s candy before they eat it for signs of tampering. Treats with loose or ripped wrappers, candy exhibiting pinholes, “freshly-baked” goods and fruit should always be thrown away.

Preventative measures can go a long way with your kids. Consider eating dinner together before you go trick-or-treating, to lessen their temptation to snack on candy while you are making your rounds through the neighborhood. Let them know, before you go out, to wait until you get home before eating any candy. Consider having a Halloween party for your children and their friends in place of dangerous, prolonged trick-or-treating.

Help protect other young ones in the neighborhood by being careful about what your household gives out on Halloween. Avoid candy that poses a choking hazard, like gum, hard candies or candy with nuts. For the safety of our furry family members, be sure to keep any candy with chocolate, raisins and macadamia nuts away from dogs and cats; even small amounts are toxic to them.

Halloween Accessories

Candy is the most commonly considered threat to children’s safety on Halloween, but keep in mind that inedible objects can also pose dangers. Objects like small toys are a choking hazard for younger children and pets. Decorative items like bubble lights and glow sticks are filled with liquids that are harmful both when swallowed and when they come into contact with skin.

Even aspects of your child’s costume like simple face paint and hair dye can pose a threat. Be sure to only use products intended for use on skin, and keep the face paint away from their eyes. Carefully wash all of their face and hair products off before bedtime to avoid skin irritations.

This information may seem scary or maybe even too overprotective. As a parent, however, it is always better to be over-informed than the alternative. Regardless, unfortunate circumstances are occasionally unavoidable. In these cases, a local Nashville personal injury lawyer at Mitch Grissim & Associates will be here to represent you and your little loved ones.

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