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Avoiding Accidents During A Festival: What You Should Know

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Whether it’s a local music festival, an arts and crafts festival, a food festival, religious festival or any other public celebration, these gatherings are a great deal of fun. They allow you to escape the stresses of daily life, enjoy the finer things life has to offer and enjoy the local culture.

However, another thing that unfortunately goes with festivals is the potential for accidents and injuries. Getting hit by a car during a festival is the last thing anyone wants, and taking the right steps can ensure that you stay safe and that if the worst happens, you can get compensated for your injuries. Explore how pedestrians might avoid car accidents while at a festival, and how a Nashville car accident attorney can help get you compensated if you’re hurt.

Avoiding Festival Accidents

Avoiding festival accidents involves, in a big way, taking responsibility for your own actions and safety. The first key to staying safe at your local festival is to keep your head clear and obey all relevant local laws and statutes. This means being aware of how much you drink, and being cautious when you have to cross the street.

Pay close attention at intersections, and always make sure it is safe before crossing the street. If there are cars driving down the road, you’re best to operate on the assumption that they’re going to make a bad decision. That way, if they do you will be able to react properly without being taken by surprise.

Pursuing Compensation for Accidents

If the worst happens and you do get hit by a car at a festival, you’ll need to be able to establish the right facts in order to collect compensation for the injuries you suffer. Essentially, this comes down to proving negligence. It means that you will need to demonstrate that the driver of the vehicle who hit you violated their responsibility to operate their vehicle safely and that this violation directly resulted in the accident that caused your injury.

In doing this, you’ll also need to defend the idea that you were not responsible. If you cross the street away from an intersection, away from a light or crosswalk, if you’re intoxicated or were otherwise acting irresponsibly, it can make your case more difficult.

What Damages Are Available

If you can demonstrate negligence after getting hit by a car, you can collect compensatory damages including payment for all of your medical bills past, present and future related to the accident; recovery of lost wages since you got hurt and lost potential future compensation; pain and suffering; emotional damages; loss of consortium; loss of quality of life and more. If the driver was drunk you may even be able to get punitive damages.

Call a Nashville Car Accident Attorney

Your best bet to collect these damages is to call on the help of a Nashville car accident attorney. At Mitch Grissim & Associates we’ve got years of experience in these kinds of cases, and we can help you as well. Contact us to talk about your case today!

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