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Portland Personal Injury Attorney

Accident victims deserve Portland personal injury lawyers with a deep understanding of Tennessee law and a fierce passion for justice. Mitch Grissim & Associates has represented thousands of clients throughout Middle Tennessee since 1981. We ensured they got the settlement they needed to cover their expenses, and we can help you, too.

If you’re ready to get maximum compensation for your pain and suffering, contact an experienced Portland personal injury attorney at 615-255-9999 or message us through our contact portal for a free initial consultation. We’ll ensure you get the compensation you deserve from the at-fault party to help you heal. 

Why Should I Hire Mitch Grissim & Associates to Handle My Case?

When you’ve been in an accident, you may not be sure who to turn to for help with your personal injury case. However, you can rest assured our Portland personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

We thoroughly investigate every case and use every means possible to recover damages from insurance companies and individuals. We pride ourselves on being a client-centered law firm, which includes the following factors. 

Leveling the Playing Field Against Insurance Companies

The insurance company of the liable party does not want to pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. They’ll use every trick in the book to minimize your financial compensation, and they have frequently denied insurance claims that should have been approved.

Given all this, you need a qualified insurance defense lawyer who understands how insurance companies operate and has the resources to ensure financial recovery. Our personal injury attorneys have represented numerous clients against health insurance and car insurance companies, so we know their tactics and can use strong evidence to get you fair compensation.

We know what a good settlement looks like and won’t settle for anything less. 

Access to Experts

An experienced personal injury attorney like Mitch Grissim & Associates has built a powerful network of experts. As our law firm has been in business for over 40 years, we have countless connections we can call upon to provide fair and unbiased assessments of personal injury claims.

As soon as you call us for a free consultation, our legal team will start reaching out to professionals in relevant fields to gather their assessments and help us collect evidence. Evidence can include everything from surveillance footage, police reports, medical records, and expert testimony about the evidence’s narrative.

Our Portland personal injury attorneys can even partner with accident reconstructionists to give a detailed explanation of exactly what happened at the time of the injury and how it bolsters your claim.

We treat every personal injury case as unique and seek the truth about what happened, then use this to earn you a fair settlement that takes every facet of your pain and suffering into consideration. That includes your future medical needs, the impact of the accident on your everyday life, and the pain and suffering you endured as a result of the incident. 

You Need to Rest

Having worked with accident victims for years, we’ve seen firsthand how painful and frustrating a personal injury case is for the victim and their family. When you’re undergoing so much stress, the last thing you need is to negotiate with insurance companies or file paperwork: you need to focus on healing and leaning on the support of your loved ones. 

We represent clients in personal injury matters because we genuinely care about helping you get better by alleviating your worries. 

While most personal injury attorneys treat their clients as just another number, we get to know you and your needs to minimize the claim’s effect on your life. At the same time, we’ll provide excellent communication that helps you understand everything that’s happening. 

Contingency Fee Basis

The last thing you need to worry about during a personal injury case is how to pay the law firm, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. You’ll pay your Portland personal injury lawyer absolutely nothing upfront. Instead, our law office will take an agreed-upon percentage of your overall settlement to pay our attorney fees. 

This means that our personal injury lawyers don’t get paid unless you win: this, along with our strong relationship with you, incentivizes us to work our hardest on your case. You can be assured that our law firm will do everything in our power to make sure you’re fairly compensated for what has happened to you. 

How to Know If You Have a Case

In personal injury law, any type of bodily harm that another person or a business is liable for is likely grounds for a case, particularly if there were serious injuries. During your free initial consultation, we’ll gather information about the incident and inform you whether or not we believe you have a strong claim. 

How Much Are My Personal Injury Claims Worth?

The maximum compensation for personal injury cases in Tennessee is $750,000. The cap rises to $1 million if you’ve suffered catastrophic injuries, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. Your Portland personal injury attorney will work hard to get you maximum compensation to the fullest extent of the law. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our Portland personal injury law firm has a wide variety of practice areas that we handle, which include:

  • Amputations – Amputations are often caused by traffic accidents or workplace injuries. In some cases, people have experienced an amputation because of medical malpractice.
  • Boating accidents – This unique subset of motor vehicle accidents can result in injuries such as spinal cord damage from falling from an upper deck or broken bones from hitting the railing when the boat turns.
  • Brain injuries – Brain injuries can result from different types of accidents, such as workplace or traffic accidents, or they may result from military service.
  • Burn injuries – Burn injury victims can often suffer severe disfigurement or even amputations of fingers or hands. 
  • Bus accidents – Because of the lack of restraints inside a bus, injuries from public transit accidents are often more severe than from car accidents.
  • Car accidents – The most common subset of personal injury cases, car accidents can cause broken bones, spinal cord damage, and severe lacerations.
  • Construction accidents – A construction accident may lead to a workers’ compensation claim. Many companies are unwilling to pay out, so you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Dog bites – This is a subset of premises liability, as dog owners are always held responsible for their pets’ behavior.
  • DUI accidents – Car accidents that involve DUIs can lead to enormous medical bills for victims because they often occur at high speeds.
  • Motorcycle accidents – This serious auto accident subset may lead to paraplegia or brain damage for a motorcyclist, as they have less protection than a car driver. Sadly, motorcycle accidents often result in death.
  • Pedestrian accidents – Being hit by a car can result in broken bones, concussions, and internal injuries. This subset often includes bicycle accidents, too.
  • Slip-and-fall – Most personal injury cases involving premises liability are due to an invited guest slipping on uneven or wet surfaces and falling, potentially breaking an arm or injuring their spine.
  • Truck accidents – A truck accident can cause devastating damage to the passenger or driver of another vehicle because of the enormous weight of a commercial vehicle.
  • Rideshare accidents – A motor vehicle accident in an Uber or Lyft requires a skilled attorney, as multiple potential defendants and insurance companies are involved.
  • Vehicle rollover accidents – These terrifying car and truck accidents can leave victims with major injuries, as well as lasting trauma.
  • Wrongful death – If you’ve tragically lost a family member in a car accident or other type of accident, our law firm will hold the liable parties accountable with a wrongful death suit so you can heal. 

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should contact Mitch Grissim & Associates’ personal injury lawyers as soon as possible after an accident, as there is only a one-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. As much of this time will involve negotiating with insurance companies before filing a lawsuit, it’s important to act quickly so as not to miss the deadline. 

Types of Damages Available to Personal Injury Victims

For personal injury cases, there are two categories of potential damages that you can receive: economic and non-economic. 

Economic damages are those that resulted in real past or future financial losses for you, which include:

  • Medical bills – Our law firm will help you recover damages to pay for surgeries, hospital stays, medications, and medical devices.
  • Lost wages – If you had to take time off work to recover, you should be compensated for the lost income.

Non-economic damages address the severe impacts on your life and well-being that result from an accident, such as:

  • Pain and suffering – Your physical pain should be acknowledged in your settlement, and our personal injury law firm will ensure that the insurance company or judge understands how much you have suffered.
  • Emotional distress – A personal injury claim should also encompass your anxiety, PTSD, depression, or other emotional effects after the accident.
  • Loss of consortium – In wrongful death claims, this refers to losing a loved one. For other accident types, it encompasses the victim’s changed relationships with their spouse, children, or other family members, such as no longer being able to provide for their family.  

Contact Our Experienced Portland TN Personal Injury Lawyers

When you’ve been in an accident, you need an accomplished personal injury lawyer to represent your interests and help you hold the at-fault party responsible. 

Our founding attorney, Mitch Grissim, is a Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association member and a Civil Trial Specialist certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. You can rest assured you’re in the care of an experienced law firm that will fight for you. 

Let us handle the insurance company claims process and trial for you so that you can focus on healing. Contact us through our website or call us at 615-255-9999 for a free initial consultation. The path to financial recovery starts with a quick call, get in touch today.

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