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What Happens When You’re Hurt In A Big Truck Accident

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Being hurt in an accident with a big truck is not like your typical fender bender. Firstly, the circumstances surrounding injury, property damage and liability could be vastly different in a collision with an on-duty commercial vehicle compared to the typical motorist. Secondly, commercial trucking and equipment companies are often backed by large companies with powerful attorneys as well as large insurers with powerful attorneys of their own.

With all these factors, anyone involved in a big truck accident should never leave the status of their due compensation to chance. Seek representation in Nashville immediately, or else you could face the following consequences:

Undetected Injuries

Simple physics formulas tell us that mass time acceleration equals the equivalent force (F =MxA). When talking about large trucks, this formula means that a truck with a much larger, heavier mass can cause major damage, even at low speeds. Collisions that seem minor on the surface could have easily caused deep structural damage to your vehicle or your body. Injuries like these could take months to develop, but are often far more severe than the average scrape or broken bone.

This likelihood of significant injury means that big truck accident victims need specialist doctors who can deliver comprehensive diagnoses that do not rule anything out. The last thing a victim would want is to receive a settlement for a minor injury, only to discover a year later that they had spinal damage likely related to the accident.

Improper Assigning of Fault and Liability

As on-the-job workers who have familiarity with their equipment and common road conditions, commercial big truck operators may face stricter scrutiny under liability laws, depending on the details of the incident. Because these drivers have a more robust duty of care than the average driver, the law may be on your side in a situation where it might otherwise have sided against you.

Even if you have been assigned fault by a responding police officer after a trucking accident, seek out representation to determine all the relevant case factors and get to the bottom of liability.

Larger Metaphorical Weight Working Against You

Most trucking and equipment operating companies are part of huge conglomerates or trade networks. While these organizations can put forth a friendly face, they have teeth when it comes to defending litigation or assertions of liability. With deep pockets, they can afford to place lawyers on retainer simply to exhaust your own time and resources, all for the sake of saving some money.

If the employer organization does not react in this defensive manner, their insurer might. Commercial liability insurers know that payouts can be enormous in instances of blatant liability and severe injury. They often fight tooth and nail to dismiss allegations, or they attempt to negotiate a settlement that pales in comparison to what your fair amount may be.

Get the Representation You Need After Getting Hurt in a Big Truck Accident

Level the playing field and represent your own legal rights by fighting back with a Nashville personal injury attorney of your own. Mitch Grissim has experience winning cases against both insurers and major commercial players, standing up for the little guy while getting them the compensation they are rightly owed.

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