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Tips For Preventing Boating Accidents


With the weather heating up, more people are getting out on the waterways around Nashville. Boating is a favorite pastime in the area, and more vessels than ever before are being registered in Tennessee. With the increase of boats in the water, it is important to be vigilant in order to avoid an accident. At Mitch Grissim & Associates, our team of dedicated legal professionals is here to advocate on your behalf after a boating accident. To learn more about your legal options, talk to our office today.

Maintain and Inspect the Vessel

The first tip for preventing boating accidents is to maintain and inspect the boat before it even leaves the shore. If you own a vessel, it should be maintained regularly, and if you are renting a boat be sure to ask when the last time it was serviced for maintenance. Check to ensure that there are no obvious fuel leaks and that the throttle, steering, switches, cables, and battery works before leaving the marina.

Provide Everyone with a Life Jacket

It is critical that every person on a boat has a life jacket that is within reach in an accessible area. Life jackets save many lives every year and minimize the injuries of those hurt in boating accidents. Life jackets should also be inspected for tears, rips, or other defects that would make them less effective in the water.

Monitor Water and Weather Conditions

Another tip for preventing boating accidents is to monitor the weather and water conditions before going out. If storms are anticipated or water conditions are not ideal, consider waiting to go out on a boat another day. Congested waterways, problems with dams, and other hazards in the water can all contribute to a boating accident. If a storm pops up unexpectedly, get back to shore as quickly as you can to minimize the chances of an accident.

Be Vigilant

It is also important to be vigilant while on the waterways around Nashville. Even though your vessel may be obeying the rules on the water and being safe, other vessels around you might not. This is particularly true later in the day or when boat operators have been drinking. You may need to move your vessel quickly to avoid an accident with someone else being negligent or reckless on the water.

Do Not Drink and Boat

Finally, when out on the water do not drink and boat. It is completely understandable to want to enjoy a beverage while out on the water, but if plans on the boat involve drinking the operator of the vessel should remain sober for everyone’s safety. If everyone wants to enjoy themselves out on the water, consider hiring someone on your behalf so that you can have fun and be safe.

Talk to Our Office Today

Have you or a loved one been injured in a boating accident around the Nashville area? If so, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates are here to help. Call the office or contact us now to schedule an appointment to review your case.

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