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Is My Slip and Fall Case Valid?

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Moving through everyday life always comes with a level of risk, even if it is almost nonexistent. There are circumstances that we cannot control that may lead to accidents. One common type of incident that can occur almost anywhere is a slip and fall accident.

A slip and fall can be surprising and dangerous. These accidents are frequent and severely damaging, leaving you with costly medical bills during your recovery from a serious injury. Paying for your treatments can be especially difficult if your injuries are serious enough to render you unable to work.

Filing a Claim

If you’re ever caught in a scenario like this, the best course of action is to file a personal injury lawsuit. For slip and fall victims in Nashville, Mitch Grissim & Associates can help your case. Learn the benefits of filing a lawsuit, and how hiring an injury lawyer like Mitch Grissim can help you after a severe accident.

Have Questions?

Our law firm offers a free consultation so that you can have a lawyer talk with you about the nature of your slip and fall claim, as well as answer any questions you may have.

One of those questions may be “is my slip and fall claim valid?” Whether or not you have the grounds for this type of case comes down to several factors.

Who is Liable?

In order for a slip and fall claim to work in your favor, you have to be able to identify the liable party, whether it is a private property owner, government, or business. If someone else’s carelessness led to the incident on their property, then they could be found responsible.

Property Owners

If it happened on private land, the property owner may be liable. It is his or her duty to maintain safe conditions for everyone who is on the premises, and if their negligence leads to a slip and fall injury claim, the property owner’s liability will determine damages paid to victims.

City or Town as a Property Owner

If your slip and fall occurred on public property, the city or town may be at fault since they are considered the property owner. In this case, the failure of the property owner to take care of a dangerous condition could have led to the accident that occurred.

This could happen on roads, in public parks, or in government buildings.

A Business Property Fall Injury

When you get injured on the property owned by a business entity, the store owner or the company itself could be held liable for the incident, even if the overarching entity was unaware of the specific danger.

Whatever your case may be, an experienced slip and fall lawyer can help you identify whoever is responsible, whether the incident occurs on government property, private property, or someone else’s property.

You Need Help Building Your Case

The team at Mitch Grissim & Associates has years of experience in building slip and fall cases for victims in Nashville. Finding the liable party can be the most difficult step of the lawsuit, but Mitch Grissim is up to the task. It’s always better to have an experienced lawyer on your side who knows the best direction to take your case.

What Evidence Supports Your Slip and Fall Claim?

For every lawsuit, evidence is essential for your victory. Any kind of data that strengthens your case is important since you need to prove that a dangerous condition led to the accident that occurred. These could be images of the hazard, eyewitness accounts, footage of the incident, proof of injuries, or other forms of evidence that indicate how the accident occurred.

Evidence for a slip and fall case can be hard to come by since most dangerous conditions can be fixed quickly.

For example, if you slip and fall in a pet store next to the fish tanks, the floor could be cleaned up by the time you’re back to document the scene. The proper steps for collecting evidence can be difficult, which is why hiring a slip and fall lawyer is such an important step.

Types of Hazards

There are temporary hazards and there are permanent hazards. Temporary dangers include scenarios like spills, where a dangerous condition existed only for a short amount of time and is not usually present. It can be harder to prove liability for temporary hazards because the owner has to have known about the hazard for enough time for negligence to come into play.

Permanent hazards such as uneven sidewalks or potholes are easier to prove because they have been unfixed for a long time.

Whether or not the evidence is hard to come by depends on your circumstance, but Mitch Grissim & Associates is prepared to work with you regardless. Their qualified team knows how to collect the proper evidence so your case can be handled correctly. A personal injury attorney from our team knows exactly what kind of evidence you need to put you in the best position when injured on someone else’s property.

Was There Notice?

Having proper notice of danger before slipping and falling can be the deciding factor for your case. If proper notice was posted before your accident, the property owner generally isn’t responsible.

Property owners are granted reasonable time to become aware of dangers. For example, if someone drops a jug of milk in a grocery store and you immediately slip on it and fall, the owner is not responsible. Surveillance videos are generally good evidence to show how much time has passed between the creation of the hazardous condition and your fall.

Obvious conditions can also be an issue in cases, but that’s a bit harder to prove. For example, ice on a sidewalk can sometimes be considered an obvious condition that you’re reasonably expected to avoid. However, ice can also be functionally unnoticeable if certain conditions are met. Whatever the case may be, an experienced slip and fall lawyer knows how to best approach any situation to your benefit.

Why Hire a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case?

You may not want to file a lawsuit for your slip and fall accident, but medical bills can be costly and the strenuous litigation process could be worth it. As an injured victim, you deserve the chance to recoup any financial losses that resulted from someone else’s negligence.

We Know What Makes Compelling Evidence

There are many things you must prove to have a successful claim. You must show that the property owner is at fault for the dangerous condition. Enough time has to have passed for the hazard to be classified as a negligent risk that the property owner knew about. You also have to show that you suffered injuries on someone else’s property that created a financial burden.

For your personal injury claim to be successful, working with a lawyer is necessary to compile the right evidence for proving liability. They will know what is needed to prove that the property owner is legally responsible for the slip and fall incident. Typically, slip and fall cases fall apart because of a lack of evidence against the property owner, so get in touch with a professional to avoid this issue.

We Defend Your Rights

Most importantly, a slip and fall attorney cares about your rights under Tennessee law. When a property owner does not maintain safe premises, and it leads to fall injuries, it is your right to pursue compensation.

We also understand the importance of your privacy. By focusing on the attorney-client relationship, we ensure that you have a confidential relationship where we protect your sensitive or confidential information throughout the legal process, which is not necessarily secure at all times.

If you make a defamatory statement or say the wrong thing, it could ruin your case, so having the guidance of an attorney will be critical.

Your well-being after physical injuries matters, and that includes your health, financial status, and privacy.

We Can Assess Your Damages

Serious injuries can be devastating physically and emotionally. You may have high medical bills, costly medication linked to your recovery, lost wages or income, and pain and suffering on an emotional level. Sometimes, your healthcare provider may not have the necessary coverage that you need when your own injuries are someone else’s fault.

An injured person may be tempted to accept the first offer for a settlement to move past the incident as quickly as possible. Our law firm believes that you should recover compensation that is fair after a fall injury on another person’s property changes your life. Let us evaluate what level of damages you could earn to help get you back on your feet financially after slip and fall accidents.

We Have the Necessary Experience

We have worked with many clients on their valid slip and fall lawsuits to find a property owner legally responsible for a victim’s suffering. Someone else’s carelessness led to our client’s struggles, and any reasonable person would want justice for the negligence that occurred. Doing nothing constitutes acceptance of careless behavior.

To change the reckless behaviors of any reasonably prudent person and make the Tennessee community a safer place, our legal services will hold property owners, business entities, and every other party responsible for your valid claim.

Get in Touch With Our Slip and Fall Attorney

Mitch Grissim & Associates can help you find the best course of action. Our decades of experience helping clients obtain compensation, as well as justice, makes us qualified to assist you with a valid slip and fall claim. Mitch Grissim and his expert team will work hard to build your personal injury suit.

Our law firm also handles other injury cases, including vehicle accident injuries, medical treatment mistakes, sexual abuse, and other potential incidents.

Contact Us Today

A lack of someone else’s care, especially a property owner, should never lead to injuries for innocent people. For a free evaluation of your case, call Mitch Grissim & Associates at (615) 645-2659 or contact us online today!

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