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Would Adding Lights Make A Dangerous Stretch Of Interstate Safer?

There are areas throughout Middle Tennessee that are hot-spots for accidents, areas where the chance of getting into a wreck raises the moment you enter. The trick is to recognize these problem areas and more importantly, find a way to make them safer. As accident lawyers in Nashville, we know any effort to make hazardous areas less hazardous is an effort worth exploring.

One of these problem areas is a stretch of Interstate 40. In fact, just last week two people lost their lives there. A young man got tired while driving and claims to have pulled onto the shoulder with his lights flashing. Moments later another vehicle smashed into his stopped car and took the lives of two of his passengers.

It was a terrible tragedy but unfortunately it’s not the first of its kind. The area of I-40 near mile marker 221 has been the site for many deadly crashes, most of which have occurred at night. As we previously discussed, it was the site where a Good Samaritan jumped over a guardrail to help an accident victim and ending up falling to his death. It was also the site of an accident where a Metro officer was killed as he aided a motorist.

The question obviously became – What can be done? Many believe that best course of action would be to install additional lighting in the problematic area, but that’s easier said than done. According to a TDOT spokesperson, “Installation of interstate lighting would be a significant cost for the department. Sometimes, these costs can be offset through partnerships with local municipalities.”

So what are your thoughts? Does cost outweigh the danger?

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