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Winter Weather Increases the Risk of Trucking Accidents


Driving in bad weather always increases the chances of being involved in an accident. In fact, around twenty percent of all traffic accidents nationwide occur during bad weather. Winter weather, including ice, snow, and sleet are particularly dangerous for drivers and passengers on the road, especially when larger vehicle truck drivers are not driving as carefully as they should be. At Mitch Grissim & Associates, our Nashville truck accident lawyers are here to advocate for victims of winter weather trucking accidents and get them the compensation they deserve for their injuries. To learn more about your legal options, call or contact us today for a free consultation.

Wind Speed

Wind speed can have a substantial impact on truck accidents in the winter. Winter storms can cause high winds, and if a truck is traveling on the open road with little to no cargo in the back the wind can easily cause a commercial truck to flip. Large truck rollovers are often catastrophic to victims, as the full weight of the truck can crush smaller vehicles around it on the road. Even with a truck loaded with cargo, strong enough winds during the winter can cause a truck to skid across the lanes and cause serious accidents with smaller vehicles on the road.

Winter Precipitation 

Winter precipitation also leads to many winter weather trucking accidents across Tennessee every year. Winter storms can bring sleet, snow, ice, or a combination thereof that makes traveling on the roadways significantly more dangerous. These types of precipitation can make the roads slippery and impede a driver’s ability to see, making it more likely that they will be involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle that they cannot see or cannot avoid because of the precipitation.

Pavement Conditions

Finally, the pavement conditions during bad winter weather can significantly contribute to trucking accidents around Nashville. Sleet, snow, and ice can make the roadways incredibly slick. For large trucks, a loss of traction with the road can result in rollover accidents or sliding across lanes and striking other vehicles from the side. Large eighteen wheeler trucks can also jackknife when pavement conditions are poor, which is when the back of the truck slides around and swings forward towards the cab, forming a “V” with the vehicle. When a truck jackknifes, the driver has absolutely no control over the vehicle, which often results in devastating accidents with other cars and trucks on the road. To learn more about how winter weather increases the chances of a truck accident, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney in your area today.

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Truck accidents can be devastating for victims, and if you or a loved one has been injured during a winter weather trucking accident the knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates are here to help. Call the office or contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your case.

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