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What You Need to Know About Accidents Caused by Motorcycle Defects

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In many personal injury cases, the manufacturer of a machine or tool is liable for damages because of a manufacturing error. Vehicle manufacturers are no exception, and a motorcycle accident lawyer will help you determine whether or not the maker of your motorcycle was at fault. Of course, knowing a few things ahead of time will help any motorcyclist improve their case, or hopefully avoid an accident of this nature entirely.

Types of Defects

Motorcycle defects can be divided between defects in the motorcycle itself and defects in the design. Regarding defects in a motorcycle itself, problems occur most often during production or shipping. A single faulty part may render the entire vehicle more dangerous, or damage that occurs during transport of the completed vehicle may knock critical parts loose or damage them entirely.

However, sometimes a motorcycle is designed poorly, and the design itself is what lends the motorcycle to be inordinately high-risk for accidents. In both manufacturing and design defects, the liability would likely fall on a party other than those involved in the accident itself. This is especially true in the case of safety recalls. Most people have seen signs posted in stores about merchandise being recalled due to a recently discovered issue, but safety recalls must follow higher standards in the case of vehicles. Not following the standards of both informing consumers and providing remedies to the situation may result in the manufacturer is liable for compensation.

Making Your Case

Documentation is essential to winning personal injury cases. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can work much more efficiently with specific information. While documenting injuries and problems after a motorcycle accident is important, other key information about noticeable defects that occurred before an accident can help solidify a case. Knowledgeable motorcyclists can often tell before an accident occurs that their motorcycle is not performing properly, and taking notes on problems you experienced before an accident can help identify the cause.

Witnesses and photographs can attest to this information as well, and procuring testimonies and visual evidence is incredibly important for proving defective motorcycles were involved in an accident. Returning to the accident scene and writing down as much as everyone can remember about the circumstances can reveal unexpected details. Witnesses may have seen a part fly off, or a motorcyclist may recall a suspiciously off balance turn before an accident. Securing the details of the events before, during, and after an accident by writing notes and keeping records of interactions between insurance, medical, and manufacturing specialists is highly encouraged.

Finding the Right People

Mitch Grissim & Associates have been working with Nashville personal injury victims for decades. When taking on a complicated case, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer who is both capable and familiar with the community. To schedule a consultation call 615-667-0763.

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