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What If My Car Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

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Car accidents are scary and everything happens so fast. One moment you’re driving down the road with your favorite song or radio station coming through the speakers, and the next you’re colliding with another vehicle on the road. Immediately your thought process changes; Are they okay? Am I okay? Is my car totaled? What happened? Was it my fault? There are so many things that begin to go through your head, but it’s best to try and remain as calm as possible. The more you think, the more you panic, the more details get lost and things can get more complicated.

Strangely enough, sometimes after car accidents there are injuries that don’t show up right away. When the adrenaline starts rushing through your body it dampens the pain sensors in your brain and you feel like you’re okay. Even if the injuries aren’t noticeable right afterward, if the accident is bad enough it is best to get examined by a professional in case anything is to arise.

Types of Post-Accident Injuries

There are a few types of injuries that can flare up after an accident. Three of them are soft-tissue accidents, concussions, and broken bones.

Soft-tissue injuries refer to damages to your body that reflect centers other than broken bones. Tendon damage, muscle injuries, internal bruising and whiplash are types of soft tissue accidents. The difficulty with these types of injuries are that they don’t show up in X-rays so they are bit difficult to identify.

Your skull exists in your head to protect your brain from damages. When your body is rocked vigorously or jerked in a certain direction your brain starts essentially rocking inside your skull from the force that is produced from the accident resulting in a concussion. Concussions are common in bad accidents, and if they are bad enough they can result in a coma or further brain trauma. The most difficult thing about a concussion is the symptoms that are often slow to reveal themselves.

If you have a broken bone or multiple broken bones it won’t take too long to be noticeable after a bad accident. Sure the adrenaline is working through your body fueling you to get past your current situation, but that won’t last long and the pain from your injury will show up. Obviously, if your leg or arm is bent a way that seems a bit unnatural there is a high chance that your bone could be broken and you need to go to a hospital.

What to Do? Get a Personal Injury Attorney

Following your car accident, you’ll report a claim with your insurance company explaining what happened and going over the necessary documentation. At some point you’ll have documents to sign to solidify your statement and things of that nature. What you don’t want to do is sign anything before you get your possible injuries taken care of. If you sign the release before your injuries are taken care of or even examined by a doctor or physician there is no chance that your insurance will take care of these payments.

Don’t settle and sign before that takes place because under your insurance you should be able to get reimbursed or fully covered for your medical bills. For all questions that you may have through the post-accident process contact your personal injury attorney, Mitch Grissim & Associates for your free case review.

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