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What Happens When You Get Hit By A Car?

pedestrian hit by car

Getting Hit By a Car

The statistics behind car accidents prove that they can happen to anyone. As a pedestrian, it does not matter whether you follow every traffic signal or safety precaution. The fact is you have no control over the actions of others, and therefore, the possibility of being involved in a pedestrian car accident always exists.

Pedestrian accidents are incredibly dangerous for the victim who has been hit. Their body has no protection from the vehicle, and even the smallest collisions involve thousands of pounds of force. No matter how slowly the car is traveling, it can do damage simply because of its massive weight and hard exterior. Fatal pedestrian-related accidents are all too common because of this danger.

What is a Pedestrian Car Accident?

The simplest definition of a car and pedestrian accident is that it is a collision involving a vehicle and a person who is not traveling in a vehicle of their own.

Many potential causes could lead to this type of incident. A driver could be distracted and not see a red light or a pedestrian crossing. They could also have been driving negligently. The pedestrian could also be considered the at-fault party depending on the circumstances. Did they obey nearby signs and traffic signals? Did they cross a road where there is no crosswalk? Were they walking somewhere that pedestrians are not allowed? Did they follow safety precautions?

In the event of a pedestrian accident involving a car, you should know what to do immediately after the accident and in the days following.

What to do After a Pedestrian Car Accident

This type of event is devastating, both for the injured victim and the driver of the vehicle. Since there is such a high capacity for injury, you need to know how to protect your interests after the accident happened.

For Pedestrians

Here are a few steps to follow if you have been hit by a car.

Seek Medical assistance immediately

Hopefully, someone nearby or the driver of the vehicle will be able to call emergency services if you are unable to. The priority is to take care of yourself. Allow first responders to examine you and administer medical services.

Obtain information for the driver’s insurance company

After a pedestrian accident, if you are able, make sure that you record the driver’s insurance company information. This will be very important for handling the claims in the aftermath and help you pursue financial compensation for damages after the car hit you. Auto insurance details are important after any kind of accident.

Get a copy of the police report

Police reports play a big role in car accident cases. They can serve as evidence to back up the claims of an injured pedestrian who was struck by a car and will take eyewitness testimonies into account. If you get a copy of the police report for yourself, it will be easier for your personal injury lawyers to win compensation. When there is a police report filed, it can help determine fault for the accident, so ask the police officer at the scene for a copy.

schedule a full Medical evaluation

Most pedestrian accidents will cause obvious physical injuries that can be taken care of or are at least easy to spot. However, there are other severe injuries that you have suffered that are hidden or not causing you pain at the moment. Schedule a check-up as soon as you can so that medical personnel can screen you for more severe injuries that may be internal. Otherwise, your body could have untreated damage that will lead to more serious injuries or health issues later in life.

Find personal injury lawyers

Navigating the claims process and pursuing compensation for damages is a complicated undertaking. To have the best chance of success to win a settlement for your medical bills, lost wages, medical or disability claims, or emotional and psychological issues, hiring a pedestrian accident attorney is the right move. They can help you gather evidence like medical records, what safety precautions were ignored, eyewitness accounts, and more.

For Drivers

The drivers involved in pedestrian accidents also have some important steps that they need to take after the collision occurs.

Call emergency services

For almost every pedestrian-related accident involving a car, the driver is in a better physical condition after the fact than the pedestrian. Though you may be in physical or mental shock, contacting medical services and the police is crucial. The pedestrian hit by your vehicle could be severely injured needing immediate assistance, but are unable to dial 911.

Seek Medical Assistance

Even though you were protected by the vehicle, you could still experience physical damage to your body from the collision. Let emergency responders examine you and perform any necessary medical treatment.

Obtain a copy of the accident report

Sometimes the fault for the accident lies with the pedestrian if they were behaving irresponsibly or ignoring traffic laws. In this case, the report could be a lifesaver. To prove that you are innocent of wrongdoing in the car accident, you’ll need as much evidence as possible to defend yourself.

Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer

The best way to mount a defense of your innocence and even pursue compensation for damages is with the help of a qualified personal injury attorney. Though pedestrian injuries are usually worse, you could have suffered as well. This could lead to medical expenses, lost income, emotional distress, or other accident-related losses that you have a right to pursue if the pedestrian caused the accident. The hardest part will be proving fault. A personal injury attorney can help with that obstacle during the insurance claim.

Why Do You Need to Hire Legal Representation After Getting Hit By a Car?

In the event of a struck pedestrian where a motor vehicle was involved, there are many reasons why you should seek professional legal assistance after the fact.

Protect Your Legal Rights

Lawyers understand the nuances of the law, especially in vehicle-related accidents with pedestrians. Whether you are the pedestrian or the driver, you have certain rights afforded to you under state and federal law.

Pursuing Financial Compensation

Professional legal assistance is helpful when you accrue damages like medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Maybe your health insurance is not enough to cover the cost of recovery. Your best chance of winning a fair settlement or court award is with a strong case. The insurance company of the at-fault driver will likely try to pay less than you deserve, and lawyers will prevent that from happening.

Decrease Your Stress

You will probably experience some physical and emotional shock after a car crash involving pedestrians, whether you are the individual who was outside or the driver. It can be overwhelming to discuss fault, navigate insurance claims, and even end up in civil court. The right legal team will assist you throughout the process and give you peace of mind.

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Our legal team in Tennessee is here to protect your legal rights after the accident occurred. For both car owners and pedestrians, we can provide the legal guidance and expertise needed to assist with your case.

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