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What Are The Most Dangerous Roads In TN?

dangerous roads in TN

Driving on Dangerous TN Roads

When you are driving a vehicle, there is an inherent risk involved for you, your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. Vehicles weigh upwards of thousands of pounds each, with some personal cars weighing over four tons. That doesn’t even include commercial vehicles like eighteen-wheelers. With so much weight traveling at high speeds mere feet from other vehicles and obstacles, the capacity for accidents is always present.

Sometimes, an accident may happen because of someone else’s negligence or dangerous behavior. But in many cases, the conditions of the roads in Tennessee can play a part in causing collisions. This could be the result of poor maintenance, busy intersections, blind curves, or other factors that make a road dangerous.

What Are Some of the Most Dangerous Roads in Tennessee?

There are plenty of roads and intersections throughout the state which makes them risky locations for Tennessee drivers. Here are a few of the most well-known.

I-40, Known as the Deadliest Highway

Running from east to west across the state, I-40 is a busy interstate that has been labeled as one of the deadliest roads in Tennessee. This vital piece of infrastructure provides a route cutting through the middle of the state and is one of the best ways for travelers and commuters to move throughout the state quickly.

I-40 and I-24 Interchange

Where the main highway from east to west across the state intersects with one of the main north-south highways is right in the heart of Nashville. This makes it one of the busiest interchanges with a high volume of commuters and travelers making their way through this hub. Multiple lanes are not enough to eliminate heavy traffic jams, leading to dangerous lane switches from impatient drivers and on-ramp/off-ramp blockages.


Another busy highway in Tennessee is the north-south interstate route 24. Some consider it the most dangerous road, especially near Monteagle Mountain where there is a long, steep climb/downgrade to navigate. If you are speeding on this road, you can easily lose control and get injured in an accident. As you get closer to Nashville on this interstate, heavy traffic makes this road a busy location.

Chapman Highway

One of the main thoroughfares in and around Knoxville, TN, Chapman Highway, or US route 441, has relatively high crash data, especially outside of peak travel hours. As the road opens up, many drivers go over the speed limits, causing bad wrecks that result in severe injuries and deaths. This road travels through Knox County, Blount County, and Sevier County, so if you live in those areas, stay alert while driving on Chapman Highway.

The Dragon

The Dragon is the name of one of Tennessee’s deadliest roads. Though it is one of the most scenic drives near the Great Smoky Mountains, it is full of a high number of serious dangers, such as turns, blind spots, steep downgrades, hidden and sharp curves, narrow roads, and more. Some of these curves even have names, like Copperhead Corner. Also known as the Tail of the Dragon, this road has few intersections along its length, making it perfect for sports car enthusiasts and bikers.

Features amazing but distracting views like Cherokee national forest

The Dragon’s Tail makes some drivers focus too much on the scenery and not on the road itself. Many will travel over the speed limit, enjoying views of the Great Smoky Mountains and Cherokee National Forest. Distracted driving can lead to a car accident on this famous road. If you don’t pay close attention on the Tail of the Dragon, you may find yourself involved in a deadly crash. Take on the Dragon’s Tail at your own risk.

Staying Safe on Dangerous Roads

Whether you have to travel through busy hubs like the I-40 and I-24 interchange in Nashville or want to hit the scenic drives of the Smoky Mountains, you can avoid wrecks and personal injury by following certain precautions.

Move Slow Through Sharp Turns

Some motorists don’t practice defensive driving and they take turns quickly. This could lead to a bad accident that leaves them injured or worse. Avoid speeding when taking turns or moving around curves, especially on unfamiliar and dangerous roads.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is particularly necessary on the interstate because of more than one lane, impatient drivers, and traffic jams. Keep your head on a swivel so that you are always aware of what is happening around you.

Know if You are on a Dangerous Road

Knowing is half the battle, and simply being aware that you are traveling on one of the most dangerous roads and Tennessee can heighten your awareness and improve your response time. Understand the dangers of the road you are on and avoid distracted driving to prevent a car accident.

Have You Been Involved in an Accident? Contact Mitch Grissim & Associates

When you get into accidents in Tennessee, whether you are traveling on one of the most dangerous roads or not, you need legal representation to guide you through the claims process. At Mitch Grissim & Associates, we offer a free consultation to discuss your case and decide how to best pursue financial compensation if the accident was not your fault.

Our belief in the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship means that you will receive the best legal advice while protecting your personal information. To earn your trust, our free consultation will inform you of how we would proceed with your case, keeping open communication throughout the process.

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