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Types of Amputation Injuries Caused by Accidents


Depending on the circumstances, an accident can cause all types of injuries; however, one of the most severe and life-changing is an amputation injury. There are two main types of amputation injuries that may result from a serious accident, and they result in permanent disability that deserves to be compensated by those responsible for the harm. The attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates are here to help you navigate the difficult time after an amputation injury and zealously advocate for the compensation you deserve. Call or contact us today to learn more about your legal options.

Traumatic Amputation Injuries

One type of amputation injury is the traumatic amputation, which is defined as a sudden, violent, and unexpected amputation. A traumatic amputation happens during the accident itself and is often a life-threatening situation. Depending on the extent of the traumatic amputation, victims risk dying from a loss of blood or from going into shock. Common causes of traumatic amputations include auto accidents, crushing injuries, explosions, electric shocks, machinery accidents, workplace injuries, and other accidents where the force and impact is enough to sever a limb.

Thankfully, due to advances in medical science, there is a chance that some traumatic amputations can be reattached, but medical treatment must be done immediately in order to do so. Whether or not the limb can be reattached, almost all treatment of traumatic amputation injuries may include a number of surgeries and other procedures such as debridement, skin grafts, and shaping the bone.

Surgical Amputation Injuries

The other type of amputation injury after an accident is a surgical amputation. This type of amputation is a medical decision that occurs after the accident, which is often required in order to save a person’s life. Typically, surgical amputation is required after a traumatic injury to a limb or body part that has cut off the blood supply to that area and caused tissue death. Without surgical amputation, the area can become infected and gangrenous, which can in turn cause serious complications or death to the victim.

A surgical amputation can happen during medical treatment immediately after an accident or in the weeks or months after the injury has occurred. If, upon rehabilitation, it is discovered that the limb has lost its useful function and is causing the victim pain the decision may be made later to amputate the limb. This is why it is important that an injury victim not accept a settlement offer made immediately after an accident. An experienced attorney can explain and protect your claims in order to ensure that an amputation victim receives the full and fair value of their case.

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An amputation injury permanently affects and disables an accident victim for the rest of their life. If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation injury, our Nashville amputation attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates will fight for the compensation you deserve. Call or contact the office now to schedule a free consultation of your injury claims.

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