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Top Causes For The Worst Motorcycle Crashes In Tennessee

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Motley Fool looked at motorcycle ownership across the United States. They found that Tennessee ranks 33rd in overall ownership. With 168,408 registered motorcycles, it shows that this mode of transportation has significant appeal. Since our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys are seeing more and more victims of crashes involving this conveyance, it is time to talk about the most common causes.

Cars Making Left Turns

Some suggest that a motorcycle’s ability to take up a smaller visual footprint leads to crashes involving cars making a left turn. These drivers may report that they did not see you coming as you were going straight through the intersection. Accident victims frequently report that they see the car coming, try to take evasive action but are hemmed in by other cars.

Gravel And Other Road Hazards

Leftover debris from the morning’s road work, gravel kicked up by another motorist going through a pothole and uneven surfaces can wreak havoc with your tires. What causes automobiles to simply roll over the hazard may send you for a tailspin. While it is easy to say that you should only drive at a pace that allows you to see what is ahead, remember that many hazards are not clearly visible in typical traffic.

Being Rear-ended By A Car

Everyone stops at the red light, but the motorist behind you is not paying attention. What would be a minor fender bender if that car had hit another one easily translates into a major crash for a motorcyclist. While you may be able to speed forward or sideways a little, it may not be enough to eliminate the impact completely.

If you have been harmed by another motorist or because of road conditions while riding your bike, contact us. Our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and show you how to protect them.

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