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Tips For Transportation Safety From A Personal Injury Attorney

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On December 15, a plane rolled off the runway at the Nashville International Airport, injuring at least eight people. While mass transportation services are generally safe, there are certain measures you should take to better ensure your own safety while traveling by plane, bus, or other public transportation.

Be Careful Getting On And Off

When going up or down steps to get off or on, hold the railing. If you are carrying bags or other items, make sure they do not get caught on anything or hit anyone else.

Know Your Nearest Exit

In the case of an accident or other emergency, you may need to get off quickly. You will be able to get off faster and more efficiently if you know the closest and best way off. It is also a good idea to plan an alternate exit route. In an emergency, your primary exit route could become blocked, or a large group of people might try to use the same exit.

Travel With Family Or Friends, And Sit Near Them

They can provide assistance if you get injured or otherwise need help. Sitting close together also allows you to keep track of others in your group.

Stay Seated While The Transportation Vehicle Is In Motion

Sudden stops or changes in direction could cause you to fall into someone or something, resulting in injury.

Leave Behind Unnecessary Items

They can slow you down, get in your way, and cause you to not get off in time. Unless your items are destroyed in the wreck or the aftermath of the wreck, you will like be able to get them later. Even if you are unable to get them, your life and the lives others are more important than purses, electronics, books, and other items you may have to leave behind.

If you were injured in a public transportation accident, our Nashville personal injury attorneys can help you. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your case with a qualified attorney.

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