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Tips For Avoiding Wrecks Because Of A Red Light Violation

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Recently proposed legislation would increase the yellow light time from three seconds to five seconds in Tennessee. This change was proposed in an attempt to cut back on the number of red light violations in the state. Whether the bill is approved or not, there are several things you can do to avoid a red light violation, especially one resulting in a crash.

  • Be aware of stale green lights, a light that have been green for a while and will likely turn yellow soon. Be prepared to stopped. Getting a feel for the light time at intersections you often frequent can help you know when a light is lightly to change.

  • Never try to beat a red light. If the light has turned yellow, and you can safely stop, you should stop.

  • Be careful about getting too antsy at a blinking yellow left turn arrow. Avoid pulling too far into the intersection while oncoming traffic is still coming. If the light turns red before you have a chance to make your turn, you will either be stuck in the intersection or have to run the red light.

  • Once your light has turned green, make sure the intersection is clear before proceeding. Even though you have the right-of-way, a rushed driver may have run the red light. Waiting for the other vehicle will allow you to avoid a wreck.

  • Even when legal, when making a right turn on a red light, make sure your path is clear and that you are not about to pull out in front of another vehicle. Knowing which cars have the green light or which cars are about to have a green light will help you avoid a crash.

If you were injured in a car accident caused by another driver’s red light violation, contact us. Our Nashville auto accident lawyers will work with you to get you the compensation you deserve.

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