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The Dangers Of Fixed Objects Alongside Middle Tennessee Roadways

Accident lawyers in Nashville, Nashville personal injury attorney, Mitch Grissim, Free Legal AdviceThere are more dangers lurking around our roads than just other motorists. While these other dangers might not make the conscious decision to cause you and your family harm, that doesn’t make them any less of a threat. We’re talking about “fixed objects” and striking one could be deadly.

So what are fixed objects? They include:

  • Trees
  • Utility poles
  • Lampposts
  • Traffic barriers

Basically anything found on the side of the road that has been placed there permanently or semi-permanently can be considered a fixed object.

It’s believed that 20% of all motor vehicle deaths result from an automobile leaving the road and striking a fixed object. It might not come as a surprise that the majority of these serious accidents happen at night when the objects are harder to see.

Just last week right here in Nashville, a driver was seriously injured when they lost control of their vehicle and struck a tree on Riverside Drive. Trees are the most common fixed object struck, and they are certainly the most unforgiving. Fortunately the driver in this accident will survive, but it’s a powerful reminder of the dangers.

You can protect yourself by knowing all the facts about fixed objects. Remember that these accidents most commonly occur at night, often between Midnight and 3 am, so be extra cautious at this time. Deaths are also more likely to occur when the car is traveling over 55 mph and in rural settings.

As car accident lawyers in Nashville, we know that Middle Tennessee is littered with gorgeous trees and other objects that make our roads some of the most beautiful in the country, but we also want to make sure you admire their beauty from afar.

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