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The Aftermath Of Holiday Traffic Accidents

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It is an open secret that the holiday season is among the most dangerous times to be a motorist or pedestrian. Combine rush hour with liquid holiday cheer, and you have all the ingredients for a potentially catastrophic crash. Our Nashville car accident lawyers offer you some suggestions of what to do in the aftermath of a holiday traffic accident.

Call The Police

Although your car may not look like it is too badly damaged, or the other driver begs you not to alert authorities, call the police. Filing an accident report is vital.

Seek Medical Care

Even if you think you are okay or just feel a little shaken up, remember that the adrenaline pumping through your system may mask any injuries you have sustained. Do not wait but head for a hospital right away and get checked out.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your agent or the toll-free number listed on your insurance card to report the accident.

Do Not Sign Anything An Insurance Company Sends You

Adjusters will be quick to offer you a settlement. Until you have had a chance to think through the offer and get some advice, do not sign anything.

Discuss A Possible Case With Nashville Car Accident Lawyers

You only have one year to file your case. If you miss this deadline, you may lose important legal rights. Even if you decide not to pursue a case filing, knowing your rights and understanding any settlement offers you have received is vital to making an informed decision.

Figuring out how to handle the aftermath of a holiday-related traffic accident can seem like a maze of paperwork. Contact us when you need help making sense of the letters and statements you receive in the mail.

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