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Text Neck: Have You Heard Of It?

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Have you heard about “text neck?” Although our Nashville injury lawyers have not yet come across a case involving this complaint, the condition is serious enough to warrant medical intervention.

Understanding the Symptoms

As noted by the Cleveland Clinic, this repetitive strain injury results from smartphone use and does not get better with time. Instead, it results in neck pain that worsens. Moreover, it not only affects older patients. Younger smartphone users, too, now present with this disorder as well. At issue is the physical act of lowering your head and keeping it in this position for a long period of time.

Behind the Text Neck

You do not consider your neck muscles until they become aggravated. You see this frequently in the aftermath of a car accident when a motorist suffers from whiplash. In the case of text neck, the physicians explain that the continued act of dropping your head eventually leads to a change in the neck’s curvature and excessive muscle strain. Crunching the numbers, doctors believe that your neck’s setup has to content with a force that measures almost 60 pounds.

Preventing the Problem

No, our Nashville injury lawyers have not found a way to get your teenager to put down the phone. That said, it is possible to combat the condition by paying close attention to always sitting or standing with a proper posture. Do shoulder exercises; do some stretches. In addition, lift up the phone to eye level rather than dropping your head. If you are required to use the smartphone for work, set clear boundaries that give you time away from the device.

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