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Tennessee Boating Fatalities Already Surpass Last Year


The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is warning about overcrowding in state lakes and the prevalence of accidents as the number of boating accident fatalities has already surpassed the total number of boating accident deaths for 2019. According to the TWRA, higher temperatures earlier in the year and relaxed stay at home orders from the coronavirus pandemic have led to substantially more boats out on the water early in the summer season. State agents have reported seeing as many boats on the water now as they typically do during the major summer holidays of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

So far this year ten people have already died from boating accident injuries, compared to only eight fatalities total in Tennessee for 2019. The agency is reminding boat operators and passengers of the inherent dangers of boating and to have all of the requisite safety equipment on board, including life jackets, navigation lights, and fire extinguishers.

Causes of Boating Fatalities

Boating accident fatalities can be caused by a number of different things while out on the water. However, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has identified some reasons that cause more fatal accidents than others when it comes to boating accidents. Some of the most common reasons that fatal accidents occur on Tennessee waterways includes the following:

Operator Inattention

When an operator of a vessel fails to pay attention it often results in accidents with other boats or objects in the water. This can cause serious injuries and even death to the operator and passengers when a crash occurs.

Operator Inexperience

If a boat operator is inexperienced it can also lead to fatal accidents on the water. An inexperienced operator lacks the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to identify and avoid hazards. In some cases, an inexperienced operator is not even able to mitigate the impact of an accident before it happens, causing catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Excessive Speed

Much like a speeding car on the highway, boats traveling at excessive speed on the water can cause serious accidents. Fatal accidents caused by excessive speed typically occur with speedboats and other vessels designed to travel faster. The force of a vessel traveling at excessive speed often causes fatal accidents on the water.

Improper Lookout

An improper lookout also leads to fatal boating accidents in Tennessee. Failing to keep a proper lookout can be caused by distractions on the boat, on other vessels, alcohol consumption, lack of navigation or safety equipment, and more. An improper lookout can easily lead to crashes on the water at full speed and with significant force that leads to devastating injuries and even death for those involved.

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