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Safety Tips to Avoid Night Time Boating Accidents


Boating is one of the most popular pastimes in Tennessee, and many people enjoy an evening or night out on the water. Unfortunately, boating accidents are far more likely to occur at night than the daytime, which is why operators and passengers on nighttime boat rides should follow some simple safety tips to minimize their chances of being involved in a crash. At Mitch Grissim & Associates in Nashville, our team understands how serious a boating accident can be and will zealously advocate for your legal claims if involved in an accident. To learn more, call or contact our office for a free case evaluation.

Have a Plan for the Evening 

The first tip for nighttime boat rides is to create a plan for the evening. Go boating in a place that is familiar to you, and take a route that you know. Do not use a nighttime boat ride as an opportunity to explore a new location where you do not know the obstacles or hazards that are hidden in the dark. You should also share your plan for the boat trip with others that are not attending, so if an accident occurs your loved ones can tell authorities where to search when sent to help.

Check and Dress for the Weather

The next safety tip is to check, and dress for, the weather on a nighttime boat ride. Even on warm summer days, the temperature can drop quite a bit at night. This is particularly true while out on the water. It is also significantly more difficult to see when storms and other bad weather is rolling in, so check the weather radar before you go out to see whether any inclement weather conditions are possible on your ride.

Operate the Vessel Cautiously

You should always operate your boating vessel more cautiously while out on the water at night. Speed is one of the most common causes of boating accidents, and at night operators have even less time to spot and avoid a possible accident when traveling at higher speeds. You should also have your navigation lights turned on so that other vessels can see you, and be aware of smaller boats like kayaks that may be even more difficult to see at night.

Do Not Drive Distracted

Finally, do not operate a boat at night while distracted. This may mean turning down the music, not using a phone while driving the boat, and asking passengers to give you the space you need to operate the boat safely at night. This also means not operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and being acutely aware that other boat operators are more likely to be driving under the influence while out at night.

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