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Safety In Construction Zones Is Imperative

Construction Zone Stock Photo

While people enjoy having well-maintained roads, they often do not like trying to navigate roads when there is construction going on. Unfortunately, the well-maintained roads cannot happen without the road construction. Here are some road construction zone safety tips to make traveling in construction zones safer for you as well as others:

  • Pay attention to the signs. Signs may warn you to slow down, to merge, or tell you of a detour. In bigger construction areas, a sign may instruct you to follow a pilot vehicle. Doing as the signs instruct can help you avoid an accident.
  • Be aware of flaggers. Not only do you not want to hit a flagger, but a flagger may instruct you in many of the same ways that road signs in construction zones instruct drivers. Flaggers often carry signs instructing drivers to drive slowly or to stop. This is especially common if traffic going both directions needs¬†to share a lane while construction takes place on the other lane or lanes. Make sure you obey any instructions given to you by flaggers.
  • Minimize distractions. While cell phones, changing the radio station, and eating can be distractions during regular driving conditions, they can be a more dangerous distraction in road construction areas. Your full attention should be on the roadway, other vehicles on the road, and on construction workers.
  • Even if you have not seen a sign indicating a lower speed limit, slow down, and be ready to slow down even more or stop.
  • If road construction requires you to merge into another lane, do so early. Trying to merge just before your lane ends will be more difficult and could cause dangerous backups in traffic, possibly leading to accidents.

While you may drive carefully in construction zones, other drivers may not practice proper safety on the road. If you were injured in an automobile accident due to the neglect of another driver, contact us. One of our Nashville personal injury lawyers can help you.

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