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We Reveal the Most Dangerous Counties and Times to be on the Road

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The Tennessee Office of the Department of Safety & Homeland Security keeps meticulous records with respect to car accidents. As Nashville auto accident lawyers with an interest in educating the public about the risks of sharing the road with truckers and other drivers, we have been keeping a close eye on these crash stats. With figures last updated in September of this year, the year to date figures reveal some must-know facts.

Davidson County has the Second Highest Number of Crashes in the State

So far, Davidson County is second among counties with 22,629 vehicle accidents exceeding $400 in damage. The number one county with the most accidents is Shelby with 24,327. The most dangerous months on the road have been May, August and September. Last year, the three most dangerous months were October, November and December. Once these stats upload for the current year, they may prove to be a continuation of the trend.

Accidents have been on the Increase

It is interesting to note that from 2013 (173,414 total reported accidents) the number of auto accidents in 2014 increased to 176,133. Thus far, in 2015, we have already seen a total number of accidents reaching 139,920. If statistics proceed to follow the regular pattern, it is likely that the numbers increase once more.

What You Need to Know

We have already established that becoming a crossroads of trucking lines has been a financial windfall but also a problem. Truck accidents result in devastating injuries. Insurance adjusters are quick to reach out to victims with an eye on low-cost settlements that benefit insurers. Personal injury claims in the aftermath of a car accident can result in long-term therapy needs and even permanent disabilities. That said, victims do not have a long time to protect their rights.

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your rights and to find out what types of services Nashville auto accident lawyers provide to victims of car or truck crashes.

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