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Officer Remembered: One Year Since Losing A Metro Policeman

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The young Metro officer who lost his life on Interstate 65 is still fresh in many people’s minds. In fact, last Sunday even marked the 1st year since his passing. As car accident lawyers in Nashville we know that it’s a day that was definitely tough for his entire family, all of his friends, and the whole Nashville police force.

A few weeks ago we’d mentioned that the officer’s family was seeking legal help in the wake of the officer’s death. You can get that full story in our blog titled, “Surviving Family Seeks Wrongful Death Suit After Death Of Metro Officer.”

Even though he’d only been on the force for a short amount of time, other Metro officers were quite fond of the rookie. Just last week officers watched a video made to honor the young man before memorializing him and the sacrifice he made.

He joins sixteen other officers that have been killed in the line of duty in Middle Tennessee and will have his firearm and plaque mounted in his honor. According to the Deputy Chief, “It’s our way of letting officers see we remember the sacrifices that were made.”

After his death, the Nashville PD decided to raise motorist awareness to the dangers facing our officers working alongside our roads. There’s still a lot of work to do, however. Two days before the Metro tribute to the fallen officer another cop was involved in a serious traffic accident. He was turning his cruiser around to clear debris on the road when a semi-truck came over a hill and smashed into his vehicle. Fortunately, the officer was fine, but it goes to show that they are in frequent danger.

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