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New Year’s Drunk Driving: Tips On How To Avoid It

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With the winter party season fast approaching, it is good to know some safe ways to get home from a party, even if you have been bring partying heartily.

On New Year’s Eve, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office has a long—more than 30-year—tradition of giving party-goers a ride home.  The rides are free, staffed with Sheriff’s Office employees and volunteers, and can be accessed at three different sites in Nashville. In past years, these have been 2nd Avenue and Church Street, Five Points in east Nashville, and the roundabout on Demonbreun Street. The places are marked with distinctive black and white tents. Rides are available from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Riders can be taken to their homes or to a hotel, but the drivers are instructed not to take them to another party.

On New Year’s Eve, the custom of drinking makes is one of the most dangerous nights of the year on roadways. Programs like this are increasingly popular across the country, as they both allow people to have fun, and to get home with the safety of themselves and other motorists intact.

The Sheriff’s Office has ferried over 600 people home in past years. They advise, as well, that party-goers make specific arrangements for getting home. “We will take as many people as we can take home,” a spokeswoman told WSMV, “but before you go out, make sure that you have a backup plan of some sort.” She recommended a cab or designated driver plan for folks that live outside Davidson county.

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