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Three Tips For Avoiding Becoming A Motorcycle Crash Statistic

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Whether you have recently purchased your first motorcycle or you have been riding for years, you probably know riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, especially if others on the road are not paying attention to you. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in recent years, motorcycle fatalities have accounted for roughly thirteen to fourteen percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths. Fortunately, as a motorcyclist, there are at least three things you can do to avoid becoming a statistic.

Be Aware of Other Vehicles

Be aware of the car which might swerve into your lane. See the driver of the truck who is about to enter the intersection. Know where other drivers are in comparison to you, and know how you are going to avoid a crash with them. If you see a driver who appears to not be using safe driving skills, work to distance yourself from that person, even if it means taking a different route or pulling off the road for a short time.

Practice Safe Riding Habits

It is also a good idea to be a safe driver yourself. Place yourself where other drivers can see you. Do not hide in someone’s blind spot or weave carelessly between two vehicles. Do not attempt to share a lane with others. You should also maintain a safe riding speed as well as a safe following distance. Be aware of icy, wet, or otherwise slick roads, which may create a driving hazard. Take corners at an appropriate speed.

Wear Your Safety Gear

Sadly, Tennessee is one of only nineteen states with Mandatory Helmet Laws. This means every motorcyclist is required to wear a helmet. Most other states have laws requiring those under a certain age, ranging from 18 to 21, wear a helmet. No matter where you are riding your motorcycle, using a helmet as well as other protective gear could be the difference between walking away from a crash bruised and not walking away from the crash at all.

Of course, accidents cannot always be avoided, especially if other drivers are not cautious on the roadway. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, contact us. Our experienced Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys are there to help you.

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