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Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Offer Tips On Intersection Safety

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Whether you are new to driving or you have driven for years, you likely know intersections can be a dangerous place for vehicle crashes. Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming an intersection crash statistic.

  • Do not run a red light. It can be tempting to try to beat the light, especially if you are in a hurry, but once other people’s lights turn green, you could get hit.

  • Once your light turns green, make sure the intersection is clear before proceeding. Someone may have decided to try to beat the light and may still be in the intersection or might be starting to proceed through the intersection illegally.

  • When making a legal right-hand turn at a stop light, especially if your light is red, double-check to make sure other vehicles are not coming.

  • When at a stop light, if you are making a left-hand turn, unless you specifically have a solid green arrow, oncoming traffic has the right-of-way, even if you have a green light or a flashing arrow. Allow oncoming traffic to go through, and then proceed when there is a gap in traffic.

  • Wait your turn at stop signs, but do not insist upon taking your turn. If you got there before another vehicle, but that driver insists upon going before you, just allow the person to go. It is better to have to wait a few extra seconds rather than to end up in a crash.

  • Whether at a stop sign or a light, be aware of pedestrians who may cross in front of your vehicle.

  • If at a stop light, even if your light has turned green, if you are turning, be aware that pedestrians crossing the street might have a “walk” signal. Allow them time to cross before you turn.

  • If you arrive at a stop light-controlled intersection where the electricity is out or where traffic lights are flashing, proceed as though the intersection has stop signs.

While these tips can help you avoid an intersection collision, sometimes even careful drivers are hit by inattentive drivers. That is when our Nashville car accident lawyers can help you. Contact us to learn more.

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