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Accident Lawyers Encourage You To Wear Your Seat Belt

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A recent multi-vehicle accident in Rutherford County is a reminder of the importance of using seat belts. A 27-year-old woman was driving eastbound on State Route 840 when her vehicle ran off the road. She overcorrected and crossed into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with another vehicle. The 27-year-old was ejected from the vehicle and hit by a third vehicle. Both the 27-year-old woman and the driver of the second vehicle died from injuries sustained in the crash. Neither was wearing a seat belt, which, according to Tennessee Highway Patrol, would have made a difference in the crash.

Although it can be tempting to go without your seat belt, Tennessee law requires everyone to wear a seat belt. Here are a few things you should know about Tennessee’s seat belt law:

  • Those under 1-year-old or weighing less than 20 pounds should be in an approved rear-facing child car seat.
  • Children 1 to 3, or more than 20 pounds should be in an approved forward-facing or rear-facing car seat.
  • Children 4 to 8 and less than 4 foot 9 inches should be properly secured in a booster seat system.
  • Children and adults who exceed the child safety limits should all use a seat belt when riding in the front seat of a motor vehicle.
  • When available, both shoulder and lap belts should be used.
  • Anyone 16 or older, who has a driver’s license, may be ticketed for not using a seat belt.

Unfortunately, even if you are wearing your seat belt, you can get injured in a car accident. You are just less likely to be severely harmed. If you are the victim of a car crash, contact us. Our Nashville car accident lawyers will discuss your rights with you and help you determine if you have a case.

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