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Lawyers Discuss Football Players In Crash After Practice

Football Team Huddle Stock Photo

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reported the details of a serious accident that occurred near Joelton on Thursday, July 30. The crash reportedly involved three high school football players going home after practice, according to The Tennessean.

Vehicle Leaves Roadway

One of the players was driving the vehicle on Forest Crossing in Cheatham County when he reportedly lost control. The THP says that the vehicle veered slightly off the right side of the road before it swerved back across both lanes, across the left shoulder and into a group of trees. One tree specifically impacted the driver’s side door.

Injuries and Loss of Life

The high school junior driving the vehicle died in the crash. Two other football players, a senior and a sophomore, required transport to an area hospital.

Their high school coach said that both players remained hospitalized, he expected that they’d be released soon. He said that both the student body and the team would find ways to pull together n the aftermath of the accident.

Although the cause of this single-vehicle fatal wreck is still under investigation, victims of certain accidents can seek compensation in the state’s civil courts for various losses, including unpaid medical expenses, pain-and-suffering and lost wages.

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