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Most Common Crash Types In Davidson County

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The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security has tallied the crash data for Davidson County in the decade spanning 2005 to 2015. Our Nashville car accident lawyers have made some startling discoveries while studying the crash statistics.

  • 548,286 Total accidents. In that decade, motorists experienced 548,286 vehicle accidents. The data shows that the annual number of crashes is rising on a yearly basis. Whereas in 2005 there were 49,803 accidents, this number shot up to 62,508 by 2015.

  • 62,922 Following improperly. When it was possible to pinpoint a driver’s contributing actions in a crash, the majority of times the problem was improper following of another vehicle.

  • 51 Road rage. Although only 51 cases of road rage contributed to an accident, it is noteworthy that this number spiked in 2015. Whereas there were zero reported cases in 2005 through 2008 and 2011 as well as 2012, the number shot up to 33 in 2015. This may signal the beginning of a worrisome trend.

  • 9 Driverless cars. During the decade, driverless cars caused only nine accidents.

  • Other notable car accident causes. Driving too fast for the conditions contributed to 15,152 crashes while inattentive drivers contributed to 17,653 collisions. Failure to yield the right of way added another 49,036 to the total. This last statistic is interesting because 2015 figures show that 4,828 crashes happened in this manner when compared to 2005’s 5,060. Although lower than ten years ago, it is an increase from 2009, when the figure hit an all-time low of 3,807 in that decade.

Contact us today if you were involved in an accident involving any of these, or other, contributing factors and want to learn about protecting your rights.

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