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Tennessee Potholes Aren’t Just A Nuisance, They Can Be Deadly

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Potholes after a winter storm can be more prevalent than before the storm.

It may seem like a simple hole in the pavement, but potholes are much more than that. They are incredibly dangerous, and as car accident lawyers in Nashville, we know they can even be deadly. If you’re in a motorcycle a pothole can easily make you lose control, and that’s exactly what investigators believe caused a recent deadly wreck.

An Ashland City rider was killed just last weekend on Briley Parkway, and officers think they’ve found their culprit in a deep pothole near the Centennial Boulevard exit. They believe the rider hit the pothole which made him lose control and sideswipe a passing vehicle. He was thrown from his motorcycle and suffered injuries that would ultimately take his life.

You may find yourself confronted with these road hazards throughout Middle Tennessee whether on a motorcycle or in a car. Any vehicle is susceptible to an accident after striking a pothole, but there are some precautions you can take.

  • Always have your tires properly inflated. If your tires have low pressure, they aren’t performing at peak condition and could lead to a blowout after striking a pothole.

  • If you see a pothole, you’re first instinct will likely be to swerve. But swerving may put you in the way of traffic or other serious hazards. Always use your mirrors and make sure you’re aware of the traffic around you before maneuvering around or over the top of a pothole.

  • Now if you can’t get around a pothole, there are still things you can do. Make sure to keep the wheel straight and slow down gradually. Try to allow your tires to roll through the pothole in a smooth line. Hitting the hole at full speed or after smashing your brakes could cause massive damage to your vehicle or quickly lead to you being hurt in an accident.

Do You Need Nashville Car Accident Lawyers?

Potholes aren’t the most dangerous things on our roads, negligent drivers are. Contact the Nashville car accident attorneys at Mitch Grissim & Associates today!

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