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Is Your Car at Risk for a Rollover Accident?


Rollover accidents are dangerous and often cause serious injuries for the victims involved. This type of car accident happens more often than most people realize around the Nashville area, and it is important to know whether your car may be at a higher risk for a rollover accident than other vehicles on the road. At the law office of Mitch Grissim & Associates, our team of experienced Nashville personal injury attorneys have advocated for the victims of rollover car accidents to get the compensation they deserve after a crash. To learn more about your legal options, call or contact our office today for a free case evaluation.

Higher Center of Gravity 

Cars with a higher center of gravity are more likely to rollover in an accident than cars with a lower center of gravity. This means that cars with disproportionately oversized wheels or a higher chassis are more likely to roll in a crash. This is because the forces at work during a high impact crash have an easier time lifting and flipping a car when the center of gravity is higher off the ground. This is something to consider when looking at potential cars to buy, lease, or rent.

Top Heavy Cars

Cars that carry more weight on top are also at a higher likelihood of rolling over in an accident. Top heavy cars can refer to vehicles that are designed heavier towards of the top of the vehicle than the bottom, but it can also refer to cars that are hauling heavier items on the roof. Cars that would normally not be at an increased risk of rolling over in a crash can do so when hauling or being overloaded on the roof of the vehicle.

Traction Issues

Traction issues can also impact the risk of a car rolling over in an accident. Too little traction, like when a car is traveling on wet or icy roadways, means that there is not enough grip on the road. This makes them more likely to tip over when struck in a crash. However, too much traction can also lead to rollover accidents if a vehicle cannot slide and absorb some of the force of the impact in a crash. When a rollover accident is caused by a traction issue, the most likely culprit is a problem with the tires on the vehicle, although factors like weather can also contribute.


Finally, speeding is the number one contributing factor of rollover accidents across the country. If you or the driver of another vehicle is speeding, the chances that your vehicle will roll in an accident increase. Speeding increases the forces and impact that can cause a rollover accident, which is why it is important to obey the speed limit signs and avoid other drivers on the road that are clearly going above the speed limit to minimize your chances of a crash.

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