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Injury Lawyers Tackle Liability Questions

Injury Lawyers Tackle Liability Questions

Our Nashville vehicle injury lawyers see plenty of cases that involve vehicle crashes. When speaking with those hurt in the accidents, the most common questions revolve around issues of liability. Who is at fault for the pain and suffering these families are enduring? We have a couple of answers.

Q: A truck hit me. I think it is the trucker’s fault. Am I right?

A: Negligence is most likely the easiest way to prove that the truck driver is at fault in the accident. Did the trucker make reasonable efforts to drive safely? Factor in the road conditions, weather, light conditions and other contributing factors. If it turns out that the trucker was fatigued and continued to drive, or failed to observe posted speed limit signs, it is clear that this driver was negligent.

Q: I was involved in a car crash with a delivery van. The van’s driver ran a red light. Is the driver liable or is it the employer?

A: Although the driver is obviously the person who made the wrong decision when running a red light, it makes sense to look at the company that owns the delivery van, too. Was the company’s management team aware that this van driver plays it fast and loose with the rules of the road? Have there been prior accidents involving this driver?

Q: I was involved in a multi-car accident. Who is at fault?

A: It gets complicated when multiple motorists are involved in an accident. Since the determination of fault affects insurance payouts, it is crucial to review the accident report and take note of the details. For example, was one driver impaired while driving? Did one motorist drive faster than the posted speed limit? Was one of the involved motorists distracted? There is a good chance that the insurers apportion fault to all liable parties in accordance with their likely responsibility in the accident.

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