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Important Insights Into Crash Statistics Involving Seniors

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One of the frequently forgotten victims of car crashes is the senior citizen. In Davidson County alone, there were 12,138 car accidents between 2008 and 2012, which involved senior citizens. After reviewing the numbers compiled by TN Traffic Safety, our Nashville car accident lawyers discovered that this county is indeed the most dangerous one for more mature drivers in the state.

Surprising Facts behind the Numbers

Not content to accept these figures at face value, we dug deeper. Reviewing data from the Insurance Information Institute (III), we learned that motorists above the age of 65 made up 17 percent of traffic deaths during the year 2013. It would be easy to suggest that more mature drivers are engaging in risky behaviors. Yet the facts show that this age group is in fact the least likely to engage in drunk driving behavior and the most consistent in seat belt usage. Moreover, the lion’s share of car crashes involving seniors happens during the day rather than at night when impaired vision could have been a contributing factor.

What Does this Mean for Senior Citizens?

As a mature driver, you are at a higher risk of dying during a car accident even though you may not be driving as many miles as other motorists. Your injuries may also be more severe when riding in the vehicle as an occupant rather than being the driver. Here, contributing factors may be existing medical conditions such as muscle weakness or arthritis. Medical complications that develop after an accident may also be more severe than they are in other age groups.

When you have been involved in a crash, do not allow an insurance adjuster to propose a low settlement because of misconceptions involving your age and assumptions about your health. Talk to our Nashville car accident lawyers to learn the facts about senior drivers. Contact us today to protect your rights.

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