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Have a Happy Holiday with Christmas Tree Safety Tips

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One of the best parts of the Christmas season is purchasing and decorating your Christmas tree. As a classic holiday decoration, a Christmas tree can provide your home with the festive feel that you want and need, and decorate your tree can be an annual family activity where you make lasting memories.

While setting up your Christmas tree can be the most exciting portion of the holiday season, this popular destination can also be a threat to your family’s safety, increasing your risk for a house fire that results in major injuries. Make the most out of your holiday season by following these simple and effective Christmas tree safety tips to help you avoid tragedy.

Tips for Buying Your Tree

Although there’s nothing quite like decorating your tree, buying your tree from a local lot or Christmas tree farm can also be a thrilling occasion. While your biggest concern is likely finding a tree that will look great in your home, you also want one that will have a lower risk for fire, which is why you need to follow a few shopping tips.

The hallmark of a quality Christmas tree is its needles. First, look at the color. The needles on your tree should be a lush green color, indicating its freshness. Secondly, touch the needles and see how easily they come off the tree. Needles that fall when touch indicate that the tree is old and dry, making it a poor choice for your home.

A fresh tree whose needles are not yet falling will have a much lower risk for fire.

Pick a Safe Spot for Your Tree

The next step to making sure that you can safely enjoy your Christmas tree is finding the perfect spot in your home for this decoration. Some spots in your home are riskier than others, and avoiding these danger zones is the easiest way to avoid a Christmas tree fire.

A Christmas tree should never be placed where it is likely to ignite, including next to fireplaces and electrical outlets or over heating vents. You should also be sure that your tree isn’t obstructing any exits in case a fire does occur.

When it’s time to trim your tree, you need to choose the right decorations. If you typically string lights, you should only use strings that are made for indoor use and are labeled as having been independently tested. While you can use old strings of light you’ve already purchased, you should make sure the cords are not damaged and that all bulbs light properly.

Proper Tree Disposal

Another important Christmas safety tip is to dispose of your tree in the correct manner. The longer you keep your tree, the more risk for fire, making it important to dispose of your tree soon after the Christmas season has ended. When you’re ready to throw away your tree, do so immediately. Never store it in a garage, and make sure you are taking it to an approved disposal spot.

Get Support After an Injury

Christmas trees can be major hazards. Even if you follow proper safety protocols, you may still be injured. The best way to respond to a Christmas tree injury caused by the negligence of another is consulting with the team at Mitch Grissim & Associates.

Mitch Grissim & Associates is ready to give you the effective, compassionate legal representation that you deserve. Contact us today.

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