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Giant Wreck Involving Multiple Vehicles On I-65

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In the first, a tractor-trailer overturned and hit the center median in the southbound lanes. Material from the overturned tractor-trailer flew into the sections, hitting multiple vehicles. The debris and its velocity resulted in at least one secondary accident. According to television station WKRN, more than 10 vehicles were ultimately involved in a multi-car pile-up and 4 people were taken to the hospital.

The accident occurred at 10 p.m. Southbound lanes were completely closed and the northbound side was partially obstructed. The lanes were cleared and traffic resumed normal travel about 5 a.m. the next day.

The other involved two semi-trucks. Although details were limited, Metro police indicated that one of the trucks hit the back of another semi at mile marker 95 of State Route 386/Vietnam Veterans Boulevard. The impacted truck flipped over, hit the median, and burst into flames. Debris from the trucks hit several vehicles.

Amazingly, no one was hurt in the crash, according to police.

Traffic, however, was closed southbound. On the northbound side, one lane was kept open.

Firefighters brought the blazing truck under control by moving very close to the front part of the truck.

The two accidents illustrate truck accident statistics. Big rigs and tractor-trailers have good safety statistics and are involved in very few accidents relative to cars—only 3% of vehicle accidents are caused by big rigs. However, because of their size, when accidents do occur, they often have a massive impact, involving wreckage, other vehicles, and lane closures.

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