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Driving Tips For Avoiding Veering Off The Road And Crashing

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On New Year’s Day, a Lipscomb University couple was traveling back from Florida to Nashville, when their truck veered off the road and crashed into a bridge pillar at 85 miles per hour. Although the truck was damaged significantly, both of the people involved in the crash only suffered minor injuries, including cuts requiring stitches and minor concussions. Both were able to return to school only days after the accident. While this couple was lucky to even survive this crash, other drivers are not always as lucky. As Nashville personal injury attorneys, we want to offer you some tips to decrease your chances of suffering a similar crash.

  • Get a good night’s sleep before driving significant distances. This will help you stay awake and alert.

  • When possible, switch drivers every few hours when taking a long trip.

  • If you feel tired while driving, pull off the road as soon as possible. You can switch drivers at this point, take a quick power nap, or even get out of your vehicle and walk around for a few minutes to energize yourself.

  • Whether you are feeling tired or not, take regular breaks when driving significant distances. Walk around. Eat some healthy food. At least get out of your vehicle. If you are doing this regularly, you are less likely to have to pull off the road due to fatigue.

  • Always maintain a safe speed. The speed limit is based upon ideal driving conditions. Slick roads, rain, fog, and even driving in the dark are some of the reasons you might need to reduce your speed.

  • Give yourself adequate time to get to your destination. If you are behind schedule or in a hurry to get somewhere, you are more likely to speed and more likely to take other risks when driving.

Unfortunately, you are not always the only one controlling whether you get injured in an accident. If you were hurt in an automobile accident caused by another driver, contact us.

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